New MINI Electric For Sale

MINI Electric


The first-ever fully-electric MINI 3-Door Hatch has arrived!

This radical, all-electric redesign of the signature model promises to be an essential, eco-friendly addition to the MINI family. Based on the MINI 3-door Hatch, the MINI Electric has a flat front grille and distinctive four-spoke wheels reminiscent of the gorgeous concept model that preceded it.

The new MINI Electric looks unlike any other MINI model in the family, thanks to its aerodynamic features and sleek finish - including signature MINI Electric neon yellow stripe on a trademark grey grille that’s been carefully designed to complement any colour.

We are pleased to offer a MINI Electric Service Plan to make it even easier and more affordable to keep your MINI in top condition. The Service Plan can be tailored to your needs and starts at £10.00 per month.

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MINI Electric

A sculpted body and intricate spoilers show off its athletic and efficient credentials, not to mention a neat side intake that’s sure to become the hallmark of the MINI E’s silhouette. The design harks back to vintage car design, with asymmetrical wheels and air flow-optimised vents inspired by 1980s automotive luxury.

You’ll instantly recognise the new MINI Electric as an all-electric model thanks to its distinctive LED headlamps, bright yellow detailing, and alloy wheels - and under the hood, it’ll be just as unique.

You can expect up to 145 miles on a 32.6kWh battery delivering around 184hp. That’s coupled with acceleration of 0-62mph in just 7.3 seconds and a top speed of 93mph.

If you’re a MINI fan or curious about Electric then you can experience this exciting, guilt-free, eco-friendly drive by booking a no obligation test drive​ or talk about finance deals by contacting Dick Lovett MINI in Bristol, Bath, Hungerford or Swindon today.

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