MINI Driver's Guide

MINI Driver's Guide

Are you wondering about how to use MINI navigation?

Or your MINI Connected infotainment system? Do you have questions about MINI service intervals and maintenance?

Watch some of our MINI YouTube videos to learn more about your MINI. And if you have further questions, you can talk to our servicing team. Watch our MINI how-to videos to find out how to use the tech features and more that are in your MINI to help you get the most out of your MINI! 

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How to Reset the Tyre Pressure Monitor on your MINI

  1. Locate the correct tyre pressures on the inside of your door card
  2. Visit a free air and water station at your local supermarket or fuel station
  3. Unscrew the dust caps and inflate your tyres until the pump beeps
  4. Reset the computer to tell your car you have reset your tyres
  5. Drive your MINI around whilst the tyres reset


Checking your MINIs Service History

  1. Start your MINI
  2. Then go to My MINI
  3. Scroll down to Service Requirements
  4. Check your MINIs Requirements


Ensuring your MINIs Start / Stop is Functional

  1. Firstly, check your Start Stop is set to On
  2. Locate the Start Stop Button and check the colour of the button
  3. If this is orange, then Start Stop is disabled
  4. If there is a line through the Start Stop icon, this means that the engine is not up to temperature


Setting up Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on your MINI

  1. Scroll over to Media and Radio
  2. Then to manage mobile devices
  3. Then new device
  4. Select Call
  5. Find the name of your MINI which is displayed on the screen
  6. Press ok on your device and your car at the same time
  7. If you have Apple Car Play, press confirm and follow the prompts on your device
  8. Now your mobile should be connected


How to Change Your MINI's Oil

  1. Purchase Ow30 oil
  2. Open bonnet and unscrew filler cap location on engine
  3. Pour oil in
  4. Refit filler cap
  5. Close bonnet lid
  6. Select 'My MINI' on your cars computer
  7. Select 'Vehicle Status'
  8. Select 'Engine oil level'
  9. Start measurement
  10. Make sure oil level is 100%


Introduction to Driver Profiles

  1. Think about how to you want to customise your MINI driving experience
  2. Use the key you want customised
  3. Unlock the car with that key
  4. Go to MY MINI 
  5. Select Driver Profiles
  6. Select profile you want to change
  7. Change any dials or lighting / My MINI settings
  8. To save, turn off the vehicle, and lock the car using the same key