Free MINI Servicing in Bath, Bristol, Hungerford & Swindon

Free MINI Servicing in Bath, Bristol, Hungerford & Swindon

MINI Free Servicing

Did you know you could be paying twice for your MINI servicing costs?

Here at Dick Lovett MINI we want to make sure our customers get the best possible value for money and our team can help you find out if your servicing costs are already covered.

Many MINI owners buy special servicing packages when they purchase a new car but when they sell their MINI the new owner isn’t always aware the package is still valid - especially if they buy from a non MINI-approved dealership.

At Dick Lovett MINI we can help our customers check the MINI UK database to find out if their MINI already benefits from a servicing care package. All you need to do is call in to your nearest Dick Lovett MINI dealership with the registration number and model details of your car and our team will carry out the necessary checks for you.

And if your MINI isn’t covered, our specialists will be able to give you a competitive fixed-price quote for your next MINI-approved service. Contact Dick Lovett MINI today to find out more.

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