MINI Hybrid & Plug-in Hybrid Cars

MINI Hybrid & Plug-in Hybrid Cars

MINI Hybrid & PHEV Cars

If you want to drive a car that’s more environmentally friendly and efficient to run, but aren’t quite ready to completely move away from models with a combustion engine, a plug-in hybrid MINI provides the perfect solution.

A MINI plug-in electric hybrid (PHEV), sometimes referred to as just a MINI hybrid, enables you to drive on pure electric power but also switch back to running on petrol when you need it, usually for longer journeys or when the car’s battery needs recharging. 

If you’ve never driven anything other than a petrol or diesel fuelled car before, buying a plug-in hybrid MINI can be an excellent first step towards eventually moving to a fully electric vehicle. And, with the UK Government installing a deadline of 2030 for the sale of new petrol and diesel cars, that’s a change that will be required sooner rather than later.

MINI doesn't offer a hybrid in the traditional sense, but does have a plug-in hybrid – the MINI Countryman PHEV. While this model is being discontinued in 2023, approved used models are available to purchase now.

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MINI Counntryman PHEV

Why Buy MINI Hybrid & Plug-in Hybrid Cars?

A MINI PHEV is a great choice if you want to make the transition from a model solely with a combustion engine to one that also has the capability to run on electric power. Unlike the all-electric MINI range, it also has a petrol engine. The engine and the electric motor work together to deliver a more efficient drive and improve fuel consumption. In all-electric mode, it means no tailpipe emissions, which results in much less impact on the environment – a big positive.

The MINI Countryman hybrid is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV). It’s an SUV that has a petrol engine but, in electric mode, it has a driving range of up to 26 miles so it’s more than capable of completing shorter commutes and daily journeys without needing the engine. If you typically drive short distances most of the time, you can complete a lot of your journeys without needing to engage the engine at all.

But, buying a MINI hybrid car brings more benefits than sustainable motoring. The driving experience is impressive. Compared to a combustion car,the MINI plug-in hybrid Countryman is smoother to drive. It has an automatic transmission, and in all-electric mode,  everything is much quieter. Because of the instant torque of the electric motor, acceleration is faster too.

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How do MINI Hybrid & Plug-in Hybrid Cars Work?

Hybrid is the general term for a car with a combustion engine and an electric motor, but to be more specific about it, a traditional type of hybrid hybrid is different to a MINI PHEV. 

A hybrid car works in a similar way to a traditional petrol or diesel model – at least in terms of driver experience. It has a combustion engine and a small electric motor and battery pack but can only drive for short distances in all-electric mode. The battery is charged while the car is driven. The current MINI range doesn’t include standard hybrids or MHEVs – Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicles, instead it contains a PHEV.

A plug-in hybrid has a larger battery pack – a MINI PHEV has a high-tech lithium-ion battery – and so it’s capable of driving further distances than a hybrid (though not as far as the MINI electric vehicle). When the battery pack has the required energy, it feeds the electric motor which then generates the power needed to activate the wheels and get the car in motion.

A MINI PHEV will run on electric power while it’s able to, and if the battery runs out of sufficient charge, the internal systems will switch over to the combustion engine so there’s no interruption to driving. The MINI Countryman hybrid is available with eDrive Service, which can calculate routes that are the most energy efficient, enabling you to maximise your use of the electric motor and reduce fuel use.

You can also set your driving mode. Auto eDrive is the default setting, which selects a  combination of petrol engine and electric motor.  Max eDrive uses just electric power, and Save Battery Mode switches to the petrol engine. In this mode, the engine charges the battery, too. In simple terms, a MINI hybrid offers a smarter driving experience.

How do you Charge a Hybrid & PHEV MINI Car?

Again, there’s a difference here depending on whether you have a hybrid car or a MINI plug-in hybrid. A hybrid car doesn’t need to be charged. The battery regenerates as you drive, recharging as you brake, so there’s nothing you need to do.

With the MINI Countryman plug-in hybrid, the battery does need to be charged though it can be topped up while you drive in the Save Battery Mode of driving. It’s simple to charge a MINI PHEV, whether at home or en route to a destination.

A MINI hybrid plug-in comes with two AC charging cables. One is designed to fit a domestic wall socket, and the other can be used to connect to more powerful charging points, such as a wallbox or home charge unit, or to a public charging point. Just use your charging cable to connect your MINI to your power source, and the recharging process starts.

There are over 13,000 public charging points around the UK, and this number will grow as the infrastructure increases in the coming years.

MINI Hybrid & PHEV Car Questions

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Other types of MINI Electric Vehicles 

If you’re looking for an all-electric car, MINI offer a range of models including the Cooper Electric and Countryman Electric. These provide unmatched style, cutting-edge technology and impressive driving dynamics alongside electric ranges of up to 250 and 287 miles. You can read more about MINI electric cars here.

Explore the full range of MINI electric and plug-in hybrid cars here or contact Dick Lovett’s dealerships. We’re located at MINI Bristol, MINI Hungerford, MINI Melksham – it’s near Bath – and MINI Swindon.