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All-Electric MINI Cars

The all-electric MINI line-up just got even more exciting.

Joining the MINI family are two more electrified models — the new All-Electric MINI Cooper and the new All-Electric MINI Countryman.

The all-electric versions of the Cooper and Countryman join the current MINI Electric, which was the brand’s very first electrified 3-door Hatch. It means motorists can experience the same joy of driving their favourite iconic MINI, but delivered with zero tailpipe emissions – and a host of other benefits, too.

The MINI Electric was launched in 2020, and offered drivers ‘traditional go-kart handling with an emission-free drivetrain’. Bearing all the hallmarks of a classic MINI, it stands out as a bespoke model, with bright yellow design details and striking LED headlamps.

Now, the range of choice has expanded further with the introduction of the All-Electric MINI Cooper and All-Electric MINI Countryman. The MINI Cooper Electric is available in two different performance levels — the Cooper E and the more powerful Cooper SE — while there’s the choice between the Cooper E and the four-wheel drive Cooper SE on the MINI Countryman Electric.

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The MINI Electric range

MINI Cooper Electric

The brand new MINI Cooper Electric is available in two performance options, The Cooper E and the Cooper SE.

The Cooper E has a range of up to 190 miles, while the Cooper SE is a higher performance model capable of a range of around 250 miles. Choose from Classic, Exclusive, and Sport trim options.

Starting price £30,000

MINI Countryman Electric

Big and bold, the all-electric MINI Countryman boasts a superior driving range of up to 287 miles in Cooper E spec.

Opt for the Cooper SE version, and the range is reduced a fraction to 269 miles — but All4 four-wheel drive is available. Pick from Classic, Exclusive, and Sport styling.

Starting price £42,080

MINI Electric

The iconic MINI 3-Door Hatch has been redesigned in zero tailpipe emission format in the style of the MINI Electric.

With an electric driving range of up to 145 miles, it’s available in Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 trim. Now available as an Approved Used model only.

Starting price £32,550

Why Buy MINI Electric Cars?

There’s a lot to love about driving an all-electric car — we know you’ll be impressed. MINI has preserved the unique spirit of its most popular models, and made them smoother, more responsive and 100% eco-friendly. Torque and acceleration are instant – you’ll feel that zip immediately, assisted by enhanced driving dynamics.

The MINI Countryman Electric is a joy to drive, and fast too. The SE ALL4 model clocks 0-62 mph in just 5.6 seconds and can hit a top speed of 112 mph — all on electric power. That performance is replicated in the All-Electric MINI Cooper SE, also capable of 112 mph and 0-62 mph acceleration in 6.7 seconds. The MINI Electric is no slouch, either, with 0-62mph in 7.3 seconds.

On the MINI Countryman Electric and All-Electric MINI Cooper, three different driving modes come as standard. In addition to Core Mode, drivers can use Green Mode for optimum energy efficiency and to maximise battery life. Switch to Go Kart Mode for a more thrilling drive, and a nod to MINI’s motorsport legacy.

Features across the range include Driving Assistant Plus and Driving Assistant Professional, a fully digital display, dual zone air conditioning, cruise control, front and rear LED lights, MINI Navigation, ambient interior lighting — plus lots more highlights.

With access to fast-charging points and an eight-year/100,000-mile battery warranty, it’s time to embrace the buzz of driving a MINI electric car.

How do MINI Electric Cars Work?

The MINI Countryman Electric and All-Electric MINI Cooper are powered exclusively by a high voltage lithium-ION battery. There’s no petrol engine, unlike the MINI Countryman PHEV, which you can read more about here.

How MINI Electric cars work is simple. When the battery has sufficient energy – having been charged by electricity from the national grid – it feeds the electric motor, which converts the energy into the power needed to activate the wheels of the car. The result is instant and smooth acceleration.

Compared to combustion engine cars, there are much fewer components in an electric MINI. It has a battery, located on the floor of the vehicle, and an electric motor. It also has a charging port on the side of the exterior, plus transmission and electronic systems.

Because it’s an automatic car, an electric MINI is simple to drive – just get in, activate the start button and shift the gear stick to either drive or reverse to start your journey. You can read more about how electric cars work here.

How to Charge your Electric MINI Car

How to Charge your Electric MINI Car

Driving range on a single charge varies by model and by driving style, from the MINI Electric’s 145 miles to the 287 miles of the MINI Countryman Electric’s Cooper E. And, when it comes to recharging, the process is flexible and easy.

Drivers of MINI electric cars can charge up at home, or from public charging points. Where you charge your electric vehicle will dictate how quickly the car is powered up again, as will the type of charging point you use.

You can get a charging point — a wallbox — fitted at home, for ultra convenience. This is especially useful for charging overnight, so your MINI is recharged and ready the next day.

Your MINI will typically charge much faster by accessing the kind of rapid charging points that are available at service stations. For example, with the MINI Countryman E, you can charge to 80% capacity using 130 kW DC charging power in just 29 minutes. By the time you’ve finished that pit-stop coffee en route, you’re good to go again.

If you’re mid-journey in your MINI Electric and need to charge, you can use MINI Navigation, the MINI Connected App, or the Zap-Map app to plan your journey and find charging points along the way. With over 50,000 charging points now available to the public in the UK – and the EV charging infrastructure expanding all the time – range anxiety is firmly in the rear view mirror.

Read more about all your options when charging an electric car here – including how to charge from home if your property doesn’t have a driveway.

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*Figures are for comparison purposes and may not reflect real life driving results which depend on a number of factors including the starting charge of the battery, accessories fitted (post registration), variations in weather, driving styles and vehicle load. They were obtained after the battery had been fully charged. The MINI Electric is a battery electric vehicle requiring mains electricity for charging. The electric range was determined according to a new test (WLTP).