MINI Business Leasing Deals in Bath, Bristol, Swindon & Hungerford

MINI Business Leasing Deals in Bath, Bristol, Swindon & Hungerford

Mini Business Leasing

MINI business car leasing 

With low running costs, top specifications and comprehensive servicing packages, MINI makes the perfect choice for your new company car, whether you run your own business or receive a company car allowance.

Dick Lovett MINI in Swindon, Bath, Bristol and Hungerford offers business owners, those in charge of fleet management and fleet sales, as well as customers with a company car allowance, the very best competitive and flexible MINI business lease deals, all coupled with exceptional service.

There’s no need to use a broker, come direct to our specialist MINI business team for your next great finance deal on a new MINI - all without any admin fees or charges. Get in touch or call Dick Lovett’s business team today on 0330 838 7435 to find out how they can help you and your business.

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The Benefits of MINI Business Leasing

The Benefits of MINI Business Leasing

Dick Lovett MINI has some great contract hire deals if you run your own business or take a company car allowance. Business leasing is a cost-effective way for sole traders, partnerships and limited companies to fund a single car or a small fleet.

At Dick Lovett MINI, we know how important it is to get a great price - there is no need to pay a broker. Our specialist business team is dedicated to finding you the best lease deal and will provide you with expert guidance and superb service from day one until the day you hand your car back.

Get in touch with Dick Lovett MINI today to find out more.

  • Great deals from the top 5 UK lenders
  • No hidden admin fees
  • Expert advice. Premium service

Business Leasing MINI

Personal Contact Hire explained

Personal Contract Hire is simply car leasing for individuals. Like business leasing, it is a form of finance. You make an initial payment and then rent the car from the finance company for the duration of the lease.

You choose the contract term - usually 24, 36 or 48 months - make the initial rental payment which is usually three times the monthly rental cost, decide how much annual mileage you expect to do and whether you want to include servicing and maintenance in the monthly cost.

How much you pay each month can be tailored around how long you want to lease your MINI for, your estimated annual mileage and the size of the deposit you put down. Generally speaking, a longer rental period, low annual mileage and a bigger initial rental, can all help reduce the monthly cost.

Personal Contract Hire can be a good option if you take a company car allowance as it’s easy to find a MINI within your budget, costs are fixed and it could allow you to drive a vehicle that might be beyond your budget to buy.

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At Dick Lovett MINI, we have dedicated business advisors at each of our BMW dealerships. Contact the team today to find out how we can help.

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