MINI Air Conditioning Service

MINI Air Conditioning Service

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MINI air conditioning service

MINIs are designed to offer a luxurious yet sporty driving experience, with the finely tweaked air conditioning system keeping you cool in the summer and demisting the windows all year round.

It’s therefore important to book a regular MINI air conditioning service to ensure everything is working properly and that the air you breathe while driving is clean and fresh. Our MINI approved technicians are fully trained in all aspects of air con servicing, including checking for leaks and ensuring test pressure settings are correct.

Contact Dick Lovett MINI today for quick and convenient air con servicing from just £39 carried out by our expert air con technicians. Contact our servicing locations in Bristol, Hungerford (near Andover and Newbury), Melksham (near Bath) and Swindon

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What's Included in a MINI Air Conditioning Maintenance Service?

A faulty system can cause certain components or seals to fail. This often results in leaks and eroded pipework. Inefficient air conditioning will also burn more fuel. At Dick Lovett, we cover two types of MINI air conditioning servicing – a MINI Recharge and a MINI Refresh. 

A MINI Air Conditioning Recharge is a full system check. If you’re struggling to achieve desired temperatures or defog your windscreen, we’ll check and replace the microfilters where necessary. We’ll also take a look at the refrigerant gas and if any leaks or signs of contamination are detected, a re-gas will be performed by one of our MINI-trained technicians.

A MINI Refresh treats the air vents and interior to restore that lovely new car feeling. The entire air duct system will also be cleaned and disinfected to get rid of bacteria and a fresh-smelling scent will be inserted into the air vents to get rid of any musty or unpleasant smells. 

We pay great attention to detail, so whether you want a full service or a simple re-gas, get in touch with our team.

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What Does a MINI Air Conditioning Service Cost?

What Does a MINI Air Conditioning Service Cost?

Here at Dick Lovett, we know that vehicle maintenance costs can weigh you down. That’s why we offer two different types of air conditioning servicing.

A MINI Air Conditioning Refresh costs from £39, while a MINI Air Conditioning Recharge is from £79. Or, you can book both at the special price of just £99 – saving £19 compared to booking each separately. This includes all the vital checks, as well as giving your system an Arctic blast to ensure it’s operating at its full potential. 

When budgeting, many people ask the question, “How often should I get my car air conditioner serviced?” The answer to this is once every two years on average, making the costs manageable. That said, don’t hesitate to get in touch if your air conditioning starts to smell or stops blowing out cold air, as our experienced air con technicians are here to help.

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