Lovett Stories

Lovett Stories

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We aren’t afraid to admit it, we absolutely love cars. Whether it’s the smell of an over fuelling V12 or the sight of a freshly restored classic, there is something about cars that just makes us tick. Thankfully, we aren’t alone in this affection and through Lovett Stories we aim to unite individuals who share our passion.

From a 30-year love affair with a Land Rover Defender, to a new found passion for Motorsport in an M car, our idea is simple; create short videos which portray the thrill of owning a car, that’s both personal to the owner and showcased to the world to enjoy.

With brand new, original videos premiered each month, Lovett Stories will exhibit the very best from brands including Ferrari, Aston Martin, MINI, BMW, BMW Motorrad, Jaguar, Land Rover and Porsche.

Have you got a story to tell? We'd love to hear from you!

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Lovett Stories #5

Lovett Stories #5

The Ahmed Family have a passion for MINIs and are MINI obsessed and have recently added the truly special GP3 to their collection too.

From Classic Minis, R50s, R55s, Clubvans, Checkmate Editions and now the GP3 the Ahmed family have had them all. 

Read their story here

Lovett Stories #4

Lovett Stories #4

Most Aston Martin stories start with three numbers. 0-0-7. The mark of a true gentleman, who likes his drinks shaken and never stirred and lives on the edge of danger and excitement.

What makes Michael's story really stand out is his love of every single aspect of the Aston Martin brand. 

Read Michael's story here

Lovett Stories #3

Lovett Stories #3

Ask any petrolhead, "If you could have anything in the world what would it be?" We are almost sure the majority would answer with "A garage full of cars".

Joel Mutton is living out every petrol head's fantasy. 

Read Joel's story here

Dick Lovett Customer With Ferrari 488 Pista

Lovett Stories #2

Nilesh is what we’d call a true ‘petrolhead’. He lives and breathes cars, and there’s one brand in particular that really gets his heart pumping.

We’re talking about Ferrari of course.

Read Nilesh's story here

Lovett Stories #1

Lovett Stories #1

For many, it's the car that ignited the passion for four wheels.

Over 50 years has gone by, and yet the Aston Martin DB5 is still one of the most influential cars on the road, so our Sales Executive George took some time to explain exactly why the DB5 was, is, and always will be the go-to Aston Martin.

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