Ensure Your Land Rover Is Winter Ready

Ensure Your Land Rover Is Winter Ready

Land Rover Winter Tips

Is Your Land Rover Winter Ready?

With winter well and truly on the way, there has never been a better time to ensure your Land Rover is in tip-top condition for the colder months ahead.

Making sure your car is cared for through the winter months can often feel like a daunting task, but here at Dick Lovett Land Rover Melksham we have some top tips to help you and your Land Rover get winter ready.

We're also pleased to offer a Winter Health Check service, which takes care of the some of the below if you don't have the time. Book in with our Land Rover team today.

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Land Rover Winter Driving

Land Rover Winter Service

1. Service

It is important to have your Land Rover serviced once a year as this will maintain both the vehicle's condition and performance. We advise that if your service is due, you get this done ahead of the winter months.

Throughout the winter your Land Rover is likely to endure additional wear and tear, and a full vehicle service will put your car in the best position possible to handle these conditions. Our skilled technicians are highly trained and a full Land Rover service will help keep you on the road to happy motoring.

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Land Rover Battery

Land Rover Battery

2. Battery

Throughout the winter and especially at the moment, we know a lot of people are not using their Land Rover every day. If you too are in this position then we suggest investing in a battery charger.

A battery charger will help to preserve the battery life of your Land Rover and ensure you are ready to go whatever the weather. It sends a small trickle of current into your battery which will help keep your Land Rover ticking over. Car batteries can go flat for a number of reasons, so it is a great idea to also turn on the engine every couple of days just to get your Land Rover up and running. 

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Land Rover Winter Tyres

Land Rover Winter Tyres

3. Tyres

Maintaining your Land Rover’s tyres is vital for your safety and the safety of your vehicle; even more so in the winter months. Give your tyres a good check over for signs of wear and tear, such as cracks and splits. It is also incredibly important to check the tread depth of your tyres. Throughout winter extra levels of grip are needed and so an advisable minimum level of tread would be 3mm. If new tyres are needed, make sure to book this in as soon as possible to prepare for any impending weather changes. 

You will also need to make sure the tyre pressure is kept topped up; your vehicle handbook should advise on the recommended level of inflation. This is also needed to ensure the tyres grip the road properly and provide you with the traction needed for driving.

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Land Rover Lights

Land Rover Lights

4. Lights

Throughout the winter months we do an increased amount of driving in darkness and thus the lights on our vehicle play an important role. Make sure you can see and be seen by checking your Land Rovers lights. A good way to do this is to ask a friend or partner to stand outside of the vehicle whilst in succession you test your side lights, dipped beams, main beams, fog lights, indicators and rear lights. 

If you have any worries in doing this yourself, this check is part of the Dick Lovett Land Rover winter health check we offer and we can also help in replacing any old bulbs with new ones.

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Land Rover Winter Survival Kit

Land Rover Winter Survival Kit

5. Survival Kit

As a vehicle owner, it is important to always be prepared for all eventualities, and while we hope you never get stuck, we know that occasionally this may be the case. Therefore we recommend keeping a survival kit in your vehicle at all times.  Some of the items we recommend are:

  • A warm blanket 
  • A torch and batteries
  • A triangle reflector 
  • De icer and ice scraper
  • First Aid Kit 
  • High Vis Waistcoat
  • Bottled water
Check Your Levels

Check Your Levels

6. Check your levels

Be sure to keep your antifreeze and coolant levels regularly topped up, as well as checking your oil levels.

Your oil levels can be checked using your dipstick and our friendly service team are always happy to advise on the correct oil for your vehicle.  

In the colder months, it is necessary to use antifreeze within your screen wash. Screen wash will not only help to keep your screen clean and clear on those wet and dirty roads, but antifreeze can help on those chilly mornings. 

Engine coolant is vital in ensuring the engine stays cool and works perfectly. Again in winter months antifreeze is required here to ensure the water within the coolant does not freeze. Your coolant levels should not drop rapidly, so if you notice this be sure to get in touch.

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These top tips should help to keep you safely on the road this winter, but if you would like that extra peace of mind, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our Land Rover Service Department. Our team of experts are happy to help and advise on any of the above, and they can arrange a Winter Health Check for your vehicle should you so wish.

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