Sitting on the electric fence? Think mild hybrid

Posted 10th February 2020

Range Rover Evoque Capability

If you're keen to make the switch to greener motoring but concerned about the logistics of running a plug-in hybrid, a Land Rover mild hybrid electric vehicle (MHEV) could be the answer.

Land Rover leads the way in mild hybrid technology having introduced it to the Range Rover Evoque, Discovery Sport and Range Rover Sport HST, with a mild hybrid version of the new Land Rover Defender also now available.

What’s the difference between PHEV and MHEV?

A plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV) has a smaller fuel engine and can be powered exclusively by a large battery pack. A mild hybrid electric vehicle (MHEV) blends a traditional fuel engine and electric power. Using a smaller battery and a motor generator that can both generate electricity and help support the engine’s performance.

Range Rover Evoque Capability 2Range Rover Evoque Mild Hybrid

What is the benefit of mild hybrid technology?

A mild hybrid is more energy efficient than a traditional internal combustion engine. The battery technology reduces fuel consumption, cuts down on CO2 emissions and refines performance – all without the need to search for recharging points. The battery harvests and stores energy normally lost during vehicle deceleration, and then intelligently diverts it to support the engine. A stop-start system shuts down the engine while the car decelerates to a standstill.

Range Rover MHEV range

Range Rover has a well deserved reputation for combining luxury and refinement with all-terrain capability. Now, enhanced performance and quicker responses go hand-in-hand with improved fuel economy, confirming Range Rover’s place at the top of the luxury SUV league.

  • Range Rover Evoque MHEV

The Range Rover Evoque MHEV has a 48V Lithium-ion battery capable of storing up to 200wh of energy without compromising cabin space.  The efficient electrified powertrain combines Land Rover’s Ingenium petrol or diesel engine with a powerful under-floor battery. This allows the engine to be shut off when you're braking, coasting or stationary and re-start as soon as it's needed. Making this the perfect compact luxury SUV for stop-start city traffic.

  • Range Rover Sport HST MHEV​

Range Rover Sport HSTRange Rover Sport HST MHEV​

The mild hybrid technology in the Range Rover Sport HST delivers efficiency and dynamic performance. Together, the 3 litre 6-cylinder engine (unique to the HST) and the 48V electric supercharger create an incredible 400 HP and 406 lb-ft of torque, making this the most powerful MHEV of the Range Rover family.

Land Rover Discovery Sport MHEV​

Compact and composed, the Land Rover Discovery Sport is the world’s most versatile compact 5+2 SUV. Using the latest Premium Transverse Architecture (PTA), space has been created under the bonnet for the 48V mild-hybrid powertrain. At speeds lower than 11mph, the engine switches off when you brake, and then redeploys the harvested energy to cut fuel consumption.

Lrds20myoffroadnd210519007 (1)Land Rover Discovery Sport MHEV​

Available across the Discovery Sport range of petrol and diesel engines, the MHEV system delivers CO2 emissions from as low as 144g/km CO2 (NEDC equivalent) and fuel economy up to 6.9l/100km (based on WLTP test procedure).

Come and experience mild hybrid technology for yourself

Experience the luxury and performance of Land Rover’s innovative mild hybrid range at Dick Lovett Land Rover in Melksham, near Bath. Our mission is to bring you class leading all-wheel drive vehicles you – and the environment  – will love for life.

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