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Groundbreaking New Range Rover Evoque Technology Is A Clear Winner

Land Rover Evoque Technology (1)

The new Range Rover Evoque has debuted. And it sports some seriously impressive new Jaguar Land Rover technology called ClearSight, that is nothing short of groundbreaking. ​

ClearSight uses cameras to view the area around the edges of the car and underneath it, to help you make better informed decisions when you're in a tight space or there are tricky obstacles just out of sight.

Jaguar Land Rover technology on a whole new level

First, there's ClearSight Ground View. This is the technology your alloy wheels have been yearning for. Never again will they shriek and groan as they're scraped along the kerb. Range Rover did previously offer something similar with its see-through hood, but ClearSight Ground View raises the game to a whole new level.

Actually, it lowers the game to a whole new level, because this new Range Rover Evoque tech shows you things low down that are normally invisible to a driver. Like high kerbs or those sneaky little bollards that can do so much damage when you back into them (as if!).
The Evoque has cameras in its front grille and on the door mirrors, so ClearSight Ground View can give you a virtual 180˚ close-up view of potential obstacles, at speeds up to 18mph. If you're parking in cities like Bath or Bristol, with their high Victorian kerbs, this could save your alloys a world of grief.

Land Rover Evoque ClearSight Ground View Offroad

ClearSight Ground View Kurbs

Bags of smart tech

The other smart bit of new Range Rover Evoque tech is a rear-view mirror with X-ray eyes. It can see right through a fully-packed boot. 

You can load your Evoque with enough luggage for a month, but instead of just showing your suitcases, the rear-view mirror will magically turn into an HD display.

Land Rover ClearSight Blocked View

Land Rover ClearSight Camera

It accesses the rear camera to give you a view of the road behind your luggage. Approaching cars, motorcycles, lorries and cycle couriers. Absent-minded pedestrians. All clearly visible. 

Get a perfectly clear view on the Range Rover Evoque including the brave new world of Jaguar Land Rover’s very latest technology.

View the Range Rover Evoque

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