Range Rover and Range Rover Sport go head-to-head

Posted 3rd October 2023

With Range Rover entering its fifth generation, this model is an instantly recognisable luxury SUV, but so often an immediate question arises: which is the right model for me, the Range Rover or Range Rover Sport?

Well, we are here to help you answer this!

What are the key differences?

The Range Rover is refreshingly modern and luxurious, as well as having the opportunity to add your own personal and bespoke touches. Externally, its sleek lines allow this car to be modest and refined.

On the other hand, the Range Rover Sport has an additional sporty-feel. This car has a collection of power trains that deliver its seamless and dynamic drive, putting you, as the driver, as its centre focus. To differ from the Range Rover, its lowered bumper gives this model a more potent and unwavering impression.

Range Rover vs Range Rover Sport Rear


Renowned for being comfortable and classy, the Range Rover collection is designed to be gloriously spacious as a luxury SUV, allowing you to relax and enjoy the comfort of your journey.

The optional long wheelbase permits increased leg room, alternatively, you may opt for an additional row of seating. Totaling the seating count to seven, both of these vehicles are perfect for long journeys with your family and friends without compromising on comfort.

Aside from this, the Range Rover sport is vastly practical with its capacious boot and towing abilities, pulling a weight of up to 3,500kg.

Range Rover Interior

Engine types and performance

Both vehicles have a variation of engine types, from electric hybrids, to mild hybrids, to petrol or diesel engines, Range Rover and Range Rover Sport do not lack in power.

To distinguish itself, the Range Rover Sport gives you the option to upgrade to a more compelling model, the Range Rover Sport SV Edition One, with its 635 HP that takes sporting luxury to the next level.

Range Rover Sport SV Edition One

Interior features

In both the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport, the interior design focusses on a spacious and luxurious feel, ensuring that you are comfortable for any journey. Equipped with the latest technology, both of these cars are installed with the Privi Pro infotainment systems, as well as 13.1-inch ‘floating glass’ Touchscreens.

To set itself apart from the Range Rover model, the Range Rover Sport now filters out any intruding noises with its Active Noise Cancellation, allowing you to experience tranquillity.

Range Rover Interior Features


Both of these models are incredible in their performance, as well as technological advancements, but if you want a more thrilling and dynamic drive, the Range Rover Sport is perfect for you. Alternatively, if you want a more refined, comfortable and luxurious SUV, the Range Rover is the vehicle for you.

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