Keep your Land Rover safe - complimentary security upgrade

Posted 17th June 2024

Keep your Land Rover safe - complimentary security upgrade

If you purchased a Land Rover after 2018, you may qualify for a complimentary security update provided by Dick Lovett Land Rover in Melksham. 

In just 20 minutes, you can significantly enhance the security of your Land Rover or Range Rover using the latest technology developed by Land Rover engineers, the police, and other security agencies.

This update is specifically designed to detect emerging methods of attack and implement effective anti-theft measures and software. Follow these easy steps to acquire your complimentary Land Rover security upgrade today: 

  1. Enquire with your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and Registration Number to check if you are eligible 
  2. Book an appointment for the update 
  3. Stand-by whilst we install the security upgrade 

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Additionally, consider creating new levels of security with these methods: 

  • Activate your alarm by double-pressing the lock button on your vehicle door or smart key - when you hear a beep, this confirms that the alarm is armed
  • While Land Rover’s smart keys include Ultra-Wide Band technology to help prevent relay attacks*, it's good practice to store your keys out of sight and at least three metres away from your vehicle
  • Double check your vehicle is locked - key jammers can stop vehicles from locking using the smart key. If you encounter this issue, lock your vehicle via the Remote App or by using the emergency key

If you would like to know more about Land Rover security, speak to our friendly and knowledgeable team today.

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For more information, please contact Dick Lovett Land Rover Melksham:

Dick Lovett Land Rover Melksham - 01225 562 786

*The Ultra Wide Band (UWB) smart key was introduced from 18MY on select vehicles and is provided with all +21MY-on vehicles. You may wish to store keys for older vehicles with non-UWB keys in a Faraday pouch.

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