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Are You Ready For The New Land Rover Defender?

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Tough, rugged and reliable: long the qualities of the iconic Land Rover Defender, and now at the core of its redesign. Are you ready for a new Defender family?

Any new vehicle launch from Land Rover is something to get excited about, but the new Land Rover Defender signifies something extra-special. A stalwart of the brand, the new Defender is guaranteed to be sought-after upon release.

What does the new Defender look like?

The newest incarnation of the Land Rover will retain its signature smaller wheelbase, so it remains the perfect Land Rover for urban owners.

Its new shape is inspired by redesigns across the Land Rover and Range Rover family, delivering the combination of soft edges and muscular haunches we’ve come to know and love.

New Land Rover Defender



Will the new Defender still be a working vehicle?

The new Land Rover Defender will balance urban aesthetics with rugged, all-terrain abilities. It’s been tested in a variety of inhospitable environments including Africa, so taking it off road won’t be a problem.

The trial period involves 45,000 individual tests and a total training run of over 1 million kilometres to make sure it’s up to any challenge.

The New Land Rover Defender

Can the new Defender still tow confidently?


The Land Rover Defender will have keen towing capabilities – not just in its strength of tow, but also in its user-centred handling systems and driver assistance technology.

What else can we expect from the new Defender?

Land Rover have confirmed that the release of the new Defender won’t just mark single new model, but a whole range within the Land Rover Defender family.

Whether you’re ready to take the new Defender off-road or keep it on city streets, the release of this much-anticipated Land Rover is definitely something to get excited about.



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