8 things you didn't know a Range Rover Evoque could do

Posted 11th July 2018

Range Rover Evoque

Size does matter. Especially in car terms and especially when you want the capability, handling, luxury and comfort of a Range Rover that’s just as good in the city as it is out on the open road.

Meet the Range Rover Evoque. The stylish, luxurious stablemate which comfortably holds its own alongside its bigger Range Rover siblings.

No Compromises On The Range Rover Evoque

Land Rover doesn’t do compromises. The Range Rover Evoque may be more compact than the Range Rover Sport but it lacks nothing on the performance or prestige front.

It’s packed full of technical gadetry and wizardry, handles like a hot hatch, is easy to park in those tight town centre spaces and is as happy as a dog with a bone when it comes to off-roading and getting muddy.

This is a Range Rover for those who want all the bells and whistles of the bigger models but with the convenience and style of a premium compact SUV.

New Range Rover Evoque
Still not convinced?

New Range Rover Evoque2

Here’s Eight Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About The Versatile Evoque:

1. It’s the first SUV/Crossover with adjustable suspension to stiffen or soften the suspension

Comfort, ride and handling are paramount and the Evoque has all three in spades.

2. It can drive through half a meter of water with ease

This really isn’t the soft option Range Rover. It’s just as tough as the Sport and is as happy out in the wilds as it is in suburbia.

Range Rover Evoque Wading

3. This Range Rover can go up steep inclines, or descent the toughest terrain without breaking a sweat

The Evoque is fitted with Land Rover's Hill Descent Control and Gradient Release Control. It has the best take-off, departure and ramp angles of any compact 4x4 or crossover, which means it can tackle steeper gradients and humps.

Range Rover Evoque Downhill Steep

4. It can self park, making even tight space easy to manoeuvre

Let go of the wheel and let this compact SUV self-park in a space just 1.2 times its own length.


5. The lightest model only weighs 1600kg

The Range Rover Evoque has an aluminium bonnet and roof, plastic front wings and a composite tailgate to keep weight down which is win-win on the performance and fuel economy front. The lightest version comes in at less than 1,600kg.

6. It’s the first Land Rover to use electronic power steering

Not impressed? Well it cuts fuel consumption by 2%.

Range Rover Evoque Dirty Alloy

7. It’s been tested to the extremes

The Evoque has Land Rover heritage running through its veins: 10-years of driving pressure on a custom rig, subjected to 149mph blizzards, frozen to -40 degrees c and heated to 50 degrees, proven on ice in Sweden and deserts in Dubai, Russian winters and Tokyo traffic. Convinced yet?


8. It’s full of creature comforts

You can program the heater to come on before you get in the car for chilly mornings. It’s also packed with Infotainment from InControl technologies, including an optional Meridian sound with 16 speakers and dual-channel subwoofer.

Range Rover Evoque 2021 Interior

The Range Rover Evoque is definitely not a compromise. It’s a sensible option for those who want style, luxury and performance on a more compact scale. Call in to Dick Lovett Land Rover to see what the Evoque can offer you.

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