Land Rover Electric and Hybrid Cars

Land Rover Electric and Hybrid Cars

Plug-in Electric Hybrid Land Rover Cars

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With a clear mission to electrify its powertrains, Land Rover confirmed the start of its ‘green’ motoring journey in 2017 with the Range Rover Sport Hybrid or PHEV, and has gone from strength-to-strength ever since. The Land Rover Electric range promotes luxurious, efficient driving, offering a line-up of hybrid models that turn heads.

Hybrid Land Rover vehicles are the perfect option for anyone who values low emissions but enjoys and values the roar of a combustion engine. That said, with the first medium-sized all-electric Range Rover set for launch in 2025, Land Rover is well on its way to becoming an ‘electric first, modern luxury carmaker’ by 2030.

Land Rover now offers Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) versions of some of its most popular models including the Range Rover Sport and Range Rover Velar.

To help make the transition to electric as easy as possible, Land Rover has teamed up with Andersen EV. This means you can benefit from a £200 discount on premium installation when scheduling your charge point installation through Dick Lovett Land Rover Melksham.

Reduce your carbon footprint but not your driving experience with the Land Rover Hybrid range available from Dick Lovett. We have a great selection of new and Approved Used vehicles — so visit us at our official Land Rover dealership in Melksham and take a look at our latest cars. You can also book a test drive of your favourite model.

Types of Land Rover Plug-in Electric Hybrid Vehicles

From family-friendly SUVs to intrepid adventurers with all the mod-cons to keep you safe, entertained and comfortable, the Land Rover Hybrid range has something for everyone. Browse our portfolio of models and find a PHEV to suit you.

Range Rover P460e

Built to explore, the stylish and sophisticated Range Rover P460e is a spacious, capable and technology advanced powerhouse with a certified electric-only range of up to 75 miles.

With numerous driving settings, including ECO Mode which kicks in specifically to save energy, this innovative and domineering SUV is a true example of modern craftsmanship.

Starting price £115,585

Range Rover Sport P460e

Offering impressive on-road and off-road capabilities, the Range Rover Sport Hybrid is built to go where others can’t — it’s been praised as Range Rover’s most dynamic model.

This PHEV model has a 3.0-litre petrol engine and boasts an electric-only range of around 70 miles when operated in all-electric mode. Choose from three trims — SE, Dynamic SE, and Autobiography.

Starting price £92,280

Range Rover Evoque P300e

The Range Rover Evoque Hybrid has all the premium touches you’d expect from such a high-end marque as well as an efficient plug-in powertrain.

With a range of up to 39 miles on a single charge in real-world conditions, the Evoque can complete a series of short journeys on electric power alone. If it’s an efficient city runner you’re looking for, then this is the car for you.

Starting price £49,000

Land Rover Discovery Sport P300e

As a practical SUV, the Land Rover Discovery Sport is perfect for families and has been dominating the roads since 2020.

With a real-world electric range of up to 37-miles on a single charge, this hybrid switches effortlessly between the battery and motor and the traditional combustion engine. 

You can also expect a host of standout features including a 10-inch touchscreen display, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, as well as two-zone Climate Control.

Starting price £50,150

Land Rover Defender P400e

With its unique boxy design, the Defender is as rugged and capable as you remember. Only this time it comes with a real-world electric range of around 24-miles on a single charge.

Ready to take on even the most challenging of terrains with confidence and charm, the Land Rover Defender Electric Hybrid is a must-have for intrepid travellers with an environmentally conscious outlook.

Starting price £72,205

Understanding the Differences: Electric vs. Hybrid Vehicles

Differences Between Land Rover Plug-in Electric Hybrid Cars

Electric and hybrid models are often discussed in the same category, but they have very significant differences that should be understood before making a purchase.

While both prioritise a ‘greener’ more economical way of getting around compared to cars with only a petrol or diesel engine, there’s a very clear difference.

To start with, Range Rover electric models (which are due to arrive from 2025 onwards) only have an electric motor and a lithium-ion battery. They do not have any type of combustion engine and therefore release zero emissions into the environment.

You may see electrified cars referred to as EVs (Electric Vehicles) or BEVs (Battery Electric Vehicles). Land Rover plans to release many electric-only vehicles in the near future including the all-electric Range Rover set for launch in 2025.

Understanding the Differences: Electric vs. Hybrid Vehicles Image 1
Understanding the Differences: Electric vs. Hybrid Vehicles Image 2

By comparison, Hybrid Range Rover cars which dominate the current market, combine an electric motor and battery with a combustion engine.

This engine can be diesel or petrol and kicks in when battery power is low. Hybrid cars have smaller batteries and therefore offer shorter electric-only distances to fully electric models, which are designed to be charged up after a couple of hundred miles.

Hybrid models are often referred to as Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs). Both PHEV models and fully electric cars must be plugged into an electric socket to charge. Charging can take place via a wall-mounted charging point at home or at a charging station on-the-go. 

The UK now offers a growing network of thousands of charging points, so topping up the battery will not be a problem, wherever you are.

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Andersen EV Charge Point Offer

Officially endorsed by Land Rover, the Andersen EV Charge Point is designed to be as stylish and robust as your Land Rover.

As an authorised partner, you can benefit from a £200 discount on premium installation when scheduling your charge point installation through Dick Lovett Land Rover Melksham.

Why Buy Land Rover Plug-in Electric Hybrid Cars?

The first point to highlight here is that electric and hybrid cars are the future. While it’s taking longer than expected due to revised government ‘green’ plans, traditional diesel and petrol engines will be phased out due to the emissions they release. 

So, investing in a hybrid or fully electric model now is a good idea. You can get your wall-mounted charging point installed and be ready to go. Electric cars can even be charged by solar panels with the right set-up. This is worth thinking about if you’re already harnessing the sun’s energy or plan to do so.

Electric Range Rover and hybrid Range Rover cars are also a great investment with regards to their fuel-saving qualities. With electric cars, you won’t have to visit the pump at all. With hybrids, you can enjoy short distances on electric-only power meaning your reliance on fossil fuels won’t be as heavy.

Make the most of Eco Modes and you could save even more money on fuel. While electricity prices have increased in recent years, making the most of EV tariffs and off-peak charging times can cut costs, and it’s still much cheaper than petrol and diesel.

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What’s more, if you regularly travel into Low Emission Zones, you won’t have to pay the charges if you have a fully electric car — so watch out for the upcoming releases from Land Rover. Hybrid models are still subject to charges. 

For company car owners, all hybrid cars currently receive a reduced Benefit-In-Kind (BIK) rate as a result of their lower CO2 emissions, which tends to reduce their BIK rates by at least two percent. Something to keep in mind for business purchases or if you’re extending your fleet.

As for design, you’ll be impressed if you buy a hybrid or electric car. The development has continued at pace in recent years so that you won’t even lose boot space in the majority of vehicles to accommodate a battery. 

All models within the Land Rover Hybrid line-up are crafted with premium materials, have exceptional storage, and come with the latest safety and infotainment features. Electric cars only have a few giveaway signs such as discrete charging ports and badging in some instances.

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Land Rover Plug-in Electric Hybrid Cars

How Do Land Rover Plug-in Electric Hybrid Cars Work?

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Land Rover Plug-in Electric Hybrid cars work using two different drive systems. Firstly, there’s a traditional combustion engine. This works using petrol or diesel and the tank must be filled up at the pump as usual. 

But hybrids also come with an electric motor as well as a lithium-ion battery. The battery powers the motor and must be charged using a wall outlet or correct charging equipment. Some batteries are also charged through regenerative braking.

Depending on the type of journey you’re heading on and the driving mode you choose, the Land Rover will react accordingly. Short city trips can typically be covered using electric-only power, meaning the combustion engine won’t kick in. This is an economical way to drive as zero tailpipe emissions are released. On a longer journey, however, or if the battery is running low, the combustion engine will take over so that you don’t have to stop and recharge. In an electric only vehicle, there is no backup, and your vehicle must be appropriately charged at all times.

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