Jaguar Servicing Specialists in Melksham

Jaguar Servicing Specialists in Melksham

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At Dick Lovett Jaguar Melksham, we’re all in when it comes to after sales care. We want to make sure you get the most out of your Jaguar by providing a wide choice of Jaguar servicing offers to help you keep your car in top condition. 

All servicing work is carried out by fully-trained, Jaguar approved specialists using the latest technology and genuine Jaguar parts. Our skilled team can arrange whatever you need to care for your new or used Jaguar.

We even offer ‘drive thru’ servicing to make the process as quick and smooth as possible. Drive Thru Servicing allows you to drive straight up to the service adviser bay, without having to park or get out of the car – useful if the weather is wet. 

Whether you want an affordable value service or a comprehensive all-inclusive service package, our expert team can help. We also have finance options available and would be happy to discuss these with you. Contact us by telephone or call in to Dick Lovett Jaguar Melksham for more information or to book an appointment.

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What does Jaguar servicing include?

What does Jaguar servicing include?

Jagaur Servicing

To maintain the highest standards of performance, it’s important to get your Jaguar servicing carried out regularly. The service interval indicator, located in the instrument panel, will alert you when your next service is due. This will be after you’ve hit a certain mileage milestone or after a period of time.

When you contact Dick Lovett Jaguar Melksham to book your service, our team will tell you what type of servicing your vehicle needs, whether that’s an interim or a major service. Jaguar servicing includes brake servicing – front and rear pads, discs and sensors – brake fluid, oil changes, air conditioning servicing and cambelt.

All servicing is performed by highly trained and Jaguar-approved technicians. Before any service starts, we’ll perform a free Electronic Vehicle Health Check (eVHC) and send it to you by email so you can see exactly what work needs doing.

Jaguar service plan cost

All Jaguar service plans are designed to be cost effective, with flexible payment options available. You choose how to pay for your Jaguar servicing – spread the cost or pay in full in one go, it’s up to you – and our plans feature future proof pricing. This means the price you pay is the same throughout the duration of your plan, protecting you from increases and rises through inflation.

If you drive a diesel model, your Jaguar service plan also includes a free of charge refill of AdBlue®. This is a special Diesel Exhaust Fluid – DEF – that helps diesel engines to reduce any harmful emissions, and comply with strict and stringent Euro 6 standards, too.

And, if you’ve bought a Jaguar service plan and later sell your Jaguar, your investment is protected. You can transfer any remaining balance on your service to your next new Jaguar, or get a refund. 

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To book your Jaguar servicing, contact our official dealership in Melksham, near Bath. You can get in touch with us online, by phone – our service department is on 01225 562 765 – or by visiting in person.

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