Top tips for driving your Jaguar this winter

Posted 19th December 2023

Top tips for driving your Jaguar this winter

The winter weather is upon us, so far we have seen flooding, strong winds, and icy roads. Whatever the weather though, it is vital that you keep your Jaguar well-maintained and to stay safe on the roads. To give you a helping hand, we have compiled some important tips we believe will help you on your way to driving safely this winter.

Why should I invest in Jaguar Winter Tyres?

Winter tyres have been cleverly designed to enhance traction, even in the slipperiest of conditions. The way in which Jaguar Winter Tyres ensures this grip is through their effective tread patterns, consisting of more groves that aids the tyre to bite into snow and ice. As weather conditions worsen over the winter period, equipping your vehicle with specialist tyres, will help your car to grip to the road on your journeys and look to mitigate slipping and skidding.

Jaguar F Pace

What to check before you set off on your journey

Before you embark on your next journey, there are a few things that you should check. The first being your lights, ensure you are prepared for lower visibility and the shorter and darker days. Secondly, to prevent freezing, top up your windscreen washer with cleaner fluid that has the correct concentration. Furthermore, examine your wiper blades. If they leave streaks, they may require replacing so please speak to our Parts Department to arrange this for you. This is important for those rainy days, as well as snowy ones.

Driving in all weather conditions

Time and organisation are important within these wintery months, and planning your journey ahead of time is key. Some factors to think about: 

  • Allow at least 10 minutes in the morning to de-ice your Jaguar 
  • Aim to drive on major roads as they are more likely to be cleared and gritted
  • Give yourself extra time to stop. Icy roads can cause you to slip 
  • In general, allow extra time to drive cautiously and calmly, rather than being in a rush and potentially driving faster
  • Be sure to pack a blanket or something warm in the boot, incase of traffic jams or emergencies

Winter Driving

What to do if you get stuck in the snow

In the case that you get stuck in the snow, it is valuable that you know some tips that may help you get out. First of all, do not spin your tyres, you may bury yourself deeper. Instead, straighten the steering and attempt to clear the snow from the wheels. Place the traction aid that you have onto your tyres which should help. 

If this fails, then call your breakdown service and keep warm with blankets and preserve your fuel by not sitting with the engine running.

Essential items to keep in your car this winter

  • De-icer
  • Torch (with spare batteries)
  • First aid kit 
  • Power bank and charger for your mobile phone
  • Spare, warm clothes and blankets

Jaguar E Pace Winter

Electric driving

Similar to petrol and diesel cars, driving smoothly is crucial on slippery roads. Avoiding sudden braking, acceleration will help prevent slipping, furthermore, it will also help conserve the battery power in your Jaguar I-PACE. Before setting off on your journey in your electric Jaguar, warm up your vehicle. This will encourage your EV’s optimal range to be reached.

Should the unexpected happen this winter, you can call Jaguar Roadside Assistance on 0330 053 0412

For more advice on preparing your Jaguar for the winter, speak to our Parts Department today. They will be able to find the right winter tyres for your vehicle, as well as supply any necessary accessories needed for the journeys ahead. 

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