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The Fresh Face Of The New Jaguar XE

Jaguar XE

Long considered the optimum in automotive opulence, Jaguar returns for 2019 with the refreshed Jaguar XE. Redesigned and simplified, it offers new technology within an overhauled interior, as well as bodywork tweaks that stay true to the Jaguar XE spirit.

The new Jaguar XE exterior adapts that of its predecessor using purpose and precision: its LED day-running headlights are slimmer than before, while its all-new bumper boasts large air intakes and a reshaped front-facing grille makes an unmistakable first impression.

The Jaguar XE gets an all-new interior

Inside, the new Jaguar XE has been meticulously redesigned, bringing a brand-new level of style to Jaguar interiors. The layout familiar to Jaguar XE drivers has been seriously upgraded, with intricate attention to detail and the finest quality materials.

Tech lovers will feel at home in the cockpit, where there’s a wireless charging pad for mobile devices and - making its Jaguar XE debut - a roof-mounted camera that beams what’s behind your car onto the rear view mirror, making maneuvering simple and smooth.

Jaguar XE Interior

10" upper screen 

Jaguar XE Interior Apple Car Play

Apple CarPlay

The control-centre steering wheel incorporates key buttons that stay hidden until lit, while the signature Touch Pro Duo infotainment system now includes a 10-inch upper screen above a smaller screen embracing two tactile control knobs.

Trim levels have been simplified for the new Jaguar XE: now you’ll find either the regular or sporty R-Dynamic models, available in Jaguar XE SE, S and HSE packs.

New Jaguar XE Standard

Jaguar XE

The new Jaguar XE

Jaguar XE R-Dynamic

As standard you’ll enjoy 18-inch alloy wheels, electric leather seats and built-in tech such as lane keep assist and parking sensors. All models house 2-litre petrol engines ranging from 178bhp to almost 300bhp, model-dependent, in eight-speed automatic format.

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