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Refined Driving, Space and Economy - Why the Jaguar XF is Still a Winner

From the day the original Jaguar XF launched in 2007 it pretty much created a new market. For people looking to combine Jaguar’s legendary performance and refinement with practicality, the XF had everything, thanks to generous interior space and vast luggage capacity.

In 2015 the second generation XF built on the successes of Jaguar’s most award-winning car ever with a lighter, mainly aluminium body and more efficient engines. The result is a spacious luxury saloon that sets the standards in its class for ride, handling and economy.

Driving Experience Outperforms Rivals

Within its class it’s main competitors are the Mercedes E-Class, BMW 5-series and Audi A6. What Car, among other reviewers have noted how the driving experience of the XF outperforms these rivals. Across the range, fuel economy and running costs are more than a match for the German rivals.

Refined Driving, Space and Economy - Why the Jaguar XF is Still a Winner

Jaguar XF or XE?

Some of the hottest competition comes from the The XF’s stablemate the XE. Slightly smaller and lighter, the Jaguar XE is built to hug the surface on the tightest and twistiest of roads. It’s also marginally cheaper and more economical.

Despite being larger the Jaguar XF weighs only around 100kg more. The differences in price and economy are not great. So if your idea of a refined driving experience is cruising effortlessly in a luxurious roomy cabin with premium materials and exquisite craftsmanship, the XF is fits the bill perfectly.

Refined Driving, Space and Economy - Why the Jaguar XF is Still a Winner

Comparing XF Engines and Economy

The 2.0L 163PS Ingenium diesel delivers a combined 70.6 MPG in the rear-wheel drive manual version. Or, if you opt for the 2.0L 200PS Turbocharged petrol engine with automatic transmission, the combined MPG is 41.5. There are four diesels and 3 petrol engines to choose from so finding your ideal balance of performance and economy will be no problem.

Kerb weight for the XF is significantly lower than its rivals, particularly the A6 and E-Class. This helps the Jaguar XF combine economy with precise and agile cornering and the smoothest of rides.

Style and Trim Choices

As well as a choice of Saloon or the versatility of the Sportbrake there are four trim levels: Prestige, Portfolio, R-Sport and S. R-Sport models are also available in exclusive Black Editions.

The XF comes with a three year unlimited mileage warranty and there are some truly tempting Jaguar XF lease and finance deals currently on offer. Browse the Jaguar XF range online or call in at our Melksham showroom for a closer look.

Test Drive A Jaguar XF

Refined Driving, Space and Economy - Why the Jaguar XF is Still a Winner
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