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The New Jaguar F-TYPE - All You Need To Know

The New Jaguar F TYPE

Thinking about buying a new Jaguar in 2020? Then it’s time to meet the new F-TYPE. This latest iteration promises to be even purer and more focused than before, and it certainly looks fiercer, thanks to its aggressively reworked front end. Arriving soon at Dick Lovett Jaguar, you'll be able to choose from a range of four- and eight-cylinder engines, providing some pretty serious power: the R model is expected to achieve 0-60mph in just 3.5 seconds. 

Jaguar has intelligently decided to leave well alone when it comes to the rear of the F-TYPE – which was one of its predecessor's best assets. This aspect of the car is relatively unchanged, with just a small adjustment to the rear light clusters, giving them a more up-to-date appearance.

Devilish good looks

The front of the new Jaguar F-TYPE is where you can really see the difference, as it now reflects the more refined angles of Jaguar saloons – yet still manages to look intimidating. A crouching big cat ready to pounce on its prey.

The new F-TYPE has elegant, sloping bonnet-mounted intakes and a larger grille than previous models, containing the number plate within a lozenge pattern that echoes the old Jaguar logo of the 1940s and '50s. Wide air intakes sit either side and the bumper has a nuanced lower lip that was apparently inspired by the limited-run Jaguar F-TYPE Project 7.​

Jag F TYPE R 21MY Velocity Blue Reveal Switzerland 02.12.19 07

The headlamps are the main alteration in the new F-TYPE's appearance. The original high-set, wing-mounted lights have been replaced with slender units sitting lower in the bumper. All models in this new range have LED headlights, J-blade day-running lights and sweeping indicators – apart from the range-topping R model, which gets Pixel lights that adapt to make sure you don't dazzle oncoming drivers.

Jag F TYPE 21MY Reveal Image Detail Headlamp 02.12.19 01

Incredible power and great efficiency

Jaguar Land Rover is currently phasing out its long-running supercharged V6, replacing it with a more efficient powertrain. The new F-TYPE benefits from this extra efficiency. The 5.0-litre supercharged engine offers you 444bhp, plus a choice between rear or all-wheel drive. If you opt for the top-of-the-range F-TYPE R, you'll get 566bhp and 700Nm of torque (up 24bhp and 20Nm) – this version is only available with all-wheel drive. 

The R model also includes several of the chassis upgrades from the discontinued SVR, such as adaptive dampers, springs, anti-roll bars and stiffer rear knuckles and ball joints, as well as wider 20-inch wheels. 

All the new F-TYPEs will have an eight-speed automatic gearbox, upgraded to give you quicker gear changes, while the V8 models have a switchable active exhaust and a new ‘quiet start’ function.


Impressive on the inside

The interior of the F-TYPE has been impressively enhanced. The sports seats are trimmed in softer leather, while the doors and seats are finished with lozenge-designed stitching. The leaping Jaguar is embossed in the headrests and ‘Jaguar Est.1935’ is featured in several places.

There’s also a tech upgrade. The dials will sit within a 12.3-inch digital screen, while the central infotainment screen includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, plus new over-the-air software updates.

Jag F TYPE 21MY Image Studio Interior SiennaTan 02.12.19 01

Jag F TYPE 21MY Reveal Image Detail RDetailing 02.12.19 04

The new F-TYPE priced from just over £54,000

The 2020 F-TYPE 2.0-litre Coupé will cost £54,060, while the convertible will set you back £59,080 and the mid-range 5 litre V8 starts at £69,990. The F-TYPE R Coupé will cost £97,280 and it's £102,370 for the R Convertible.

Find out more about the new F-TYPE model range now. Call our dedicated Jaguar team on 01225 562 764 or drop in and see them at Dick Lovett Jaguar’s state-of-the-art showroom in Melksham near Bath.

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