Jaguar pet accessories for your best friend

Posted 25th August 2023

Jaguar pet accessories for your best friend

To celebrate National Dog Day, here at Dick Lovett Jaguar Melksham, we know that your furry friend deserves the best which is why our pet accessories offer your dog maximum comfort, style and safety.

Whether you are an existing customer, or looking at buying a new Jaguar, our cars are designed to suit you and your dog. Take a look at our range of high-quality Jaguar Pet Accessories that will expertly complement your Jaguar whilst providing maximum safety to your pet. Meaning you and your pets can travel in both comfort and style.

Accessorise with the Jaguar pet pack with luggage compartment mat or liner

The Jaguar pet pack with luggage compartment mat or liner is perfect for keeping your car protected from any muddy paw prints.

Jaguar pet pack with luggage compartment mat

Without compromising on style, the full-height partition keeps your dog safely contained in the boot. Not only this, but included in this pet package is the option of either a luggage compartment liner or rubber mat.

Keep the muddy paws at bay with the full height luggage partition

Separating your pet from your passenger seats, the Jaguar full height luggage partition is easy-to-use and is great for allowing your pet to comfortably relax in the luggage compartment whilst ensuring your car is protected from any dirt or mud.

Full height luggage partition

Travel in style with the Jaguar pet carrier

Accommodating to all sizes, the Jaguar pet carrier provides smaller pets a safe and stylish travelling experience.

Jaguar pet carrier

Its quilted cushion, netted exterior, and fine leather accents are designed to maximise your pup’s comfort as well as adding its unique Jaguar touch.

Stress and mess free Jaguar water bowl

Hydration is key with long walks and hot days, so equip yourself with the Jaguar water bowl.

Jaguar water bowl

It is cleverly designed to prevent spills with its gravitating centre, anti-slip base and strap that allows the Jaguar water bowl to secure itself in the luggage compartment, stress free for dog walkers on the go.  

Jaguar portable rinse system

This ingenious Jaguar portable rinse system is great for washing your muddy pets before they jump into your Jaguar.

Jaguar Portable Rinse System

Designed to be practical and versatile, this accessory can also be used to rinse other equipment such as wetsuits and bikes. By using pressure created from a tap, or the hand pump attached, the portable rinse system allows for stress-free muddy walks.

Ensure your pet travels in style, comfort and safety with the Jaguar Pet Accessories this National Dog Day.

We would also like to remind you that pets are welcome in our Dick Lovett Jaguar Melksham showroom, and our team are happy to help you find out what accessories are compatible with your Jaguar.

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