Why We Love the F-Type

With its supermodel good looks, what’s not to love!

With its supermodel good looks and performance to rival an Olympic athlete there’s a lot we at Dick Lovett love about the Jaguar F-TYPE as it celebrates its fifth birthday in 2018.

It’s Beautiful

The F-TYPE is guaranteed to turn heads, we’d be hard pushed to choose between the sleek lines of the coupé or the top down thrill of a convertible. The quintessential British character continues inside with ludicrously comfortable luxury performance seats that cradle you through every turn. 

It’s Powerful

Jaguar have created a range of petrol engines starting with the 2.0 litre 300PS 4-cylinder turbocharged achieving 0-60mph in just 5.4 seconds whilst also delivering on economy achieving an impressive 39.2mpg on the combined cycle giving a thrilling ride.  

With great power comes great responsibility and we love the latest technologies Jaguar has incorporated to keep drivers’ safe, entertained and connected from LED headlights that react to weather conditions to advanced drive train technology. 

It Sounds Incredible

If you’re driving and an F-TYPE passes you’ll know about it. Every new F-TYPE is fitted with an Active Sports Exhaust that creates a race-car inspired crescendo. The exhaust system constantly adapts and reacts to produce a richer, more exhilarating sound that has to be heard to be believed. 

It’s Practical

Whether we’re packing for a long weekend away or planning a mammoth shopping trip the F-TYPE’s huge 408 litres of storage space in the new coupé makes it an incredibly practical car for everyday use.

The latest 10” Touch Pro infotainment system makes the F-TYPE as easy to control as an iPad with intuitive swipe and pinch zoom navigation. The Remote Premium option even makes it possible to lock and unlock the car, set the climate and track your journey from your smart phone or Apple Watch.

Combine the exhilarating engine performance, accomplished handling and cutting-edge technology and you get an exceptional driving experience. But don’t just take our word for it, book a test drive.

To find out more about the F-Type please contact Dick Lovett Jaguar on 01225 960 635