Jaguar E-Pace or F-Pace, Which SUV Will you Choose?

Not resting on their laurels with their successful saloon, estate and sports cars - In 2016 Jaguar launched the luxury F-Pace, specially for drivers who wanted the authentic Jaguar experience packaged in a spacious SUV. The model was an instant hit. Not content with that, Jaguar launched the slightly smaller E-Pace in 2017. So now there are two stylish luxury Jaguar SUVs for you to pick from. How do you decide between these award-winning cars?

Right now, both the Jaguar E-Pace and F-Pace have a £1000 Deposit Contribution on selected models delivered before 31st March. Terms & Conditions apply.

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The Jaguar E-Pace
The Jaguar E-Pace
The Jaguar F-Pace
The Jaguar F-Pace

Comparing the Jaguar E-Pace and F-Pace SUVs

It may be that internal space is what matters most. In this case you’ll find that the F-Pace accommodates five adults with more than enough head and leg room. There’s also a class-leading 650 litres of luggage space available - so no need for those tricky negotiations about what to leave out when loading the car for holidays.

That said, the more compact E-Pace is still roomy and the 480 plus litres of luggage space will be more than ample for most.

Both have achieved the highest five-star Euro NCAP rating making them both among the safest vehicles on the market with standard safety features including Autonomous Emergency Braking.

E-Pace interior
The E-Pace Interior
F-Pace interior
The F-Pace Interior

E-Pace and F-Pace Performance

When it comes to the performance and driving experience both models set the standards in their class.

For a relatively large car the F-Pace SUV offers remarkably crisp handling and performance alongside more than respectable fuel economy. In part this is due to the lightweight aluminium architecture and the use of advanced composite and magnesium components.

As standard, the E-Pace compact SUV comes front-wheel drive and the F-Pace as rear-wheel drive but AWD options are available on both cars to suit your driving style and terrain conditions.

Jaguar E-Pace Rear
Jaguar E-Pace Rear
Jaguar F-Pace Rear
Jaguar F-Pace Rear

E-Pace and F-Pace Interiors

Some of the biggest differences are on the inside. The E-Pace interior is inspired by the F-Type with a wraparound dashboard, highly intuitive controls and 10 inch touchscreen infotainment as standard.

The F-Pace interior is closer to the XE and XF in design. Both are a delight and it might just come down to personal taste. The F-Pace features a rotary gear selector while the E-Pace opts for a lever to control changes with optional extras such as a heads-up display and advanced driver aids making your journey easier and more relaxed.

E-Pace Dashboard
The E-Pace Dashboard
F-Pace Dashboard
The F-Pace Dashboard

E-Pace and F-Pace Options

Both ranges offer plenty of choice over specifications, trim, engines and transmissions. E-Pace owners can choose from five Ingenium engines - two petrol and three diesel. F-Pace options range from the 2.0 litre 4-cylinder 250PS Turbocharged Petrol to the high-powered 3.0 litre V6 380PS Supercharged Petrol, plus a range of highly efficient and punchy diesels.

Jaguar E-Pace Price

The E-Pace price range starts from £28,500 with 150PS Turbocharged 2-litre Diesel powering the front wheels.

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Jaguar F-Pace Price

The F-Pace price range starts at £34,730 for the rear wheel drive 2-litre 163PS Turbocharged Diesel.

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The lower starting price of the E-Pace could leave you scope to load up with upgrades and opt for a higher performance engine and stay within your budget.

Both vehicles combine impressive versatility, performance and luxury.

The best way to choose is to call 01225 557 557 or visit Dick Lovett Jaguar Retailer in Melksham, near Bath, and see for yourself.