Ferrari Pilota Driving Courses 2018

Experience the emotion of the latest Ferrari production cars on legendary circuits under the expert supervision of a Ferrari Pilota Instructor.

The Pilota Ferrari courses are exclusively available to Ferrari customers and provide the opportunity to attend various and successive course levels throughout the year. The courses offer an experience that is increasingly technical and complex, each building on driving techniques acquired in previous courses.

Sport Driving Course (Fiorano)

The Ferrari Sports Driving Course offers a complete, progressive program of instruction that is focused on giving participants a comprehensive understanding of sport driving techniques. The Pilota Ferrari Sport course is an intensive, tried and tested program of professional and effective instruction.

Price: € 8,500 excluding IVA

Dates: 23/24 April, 12/13 May, 21/22 June, 7/8 June, 28/29 June, 8/9 July, 17/18 July, 3/4 September, 29/30 September, 15/16 October, 25/26 October, 7/8 November

Advanced Course (Varano)

The Ferrari Advanced Course is a sports driving course reserved for Ferrari clients who have already completed the Sports Driving Course. Participants will learn to drive Ferrari cars to their maximum ability and will acquire advanced skills in fast driving and vehicle control, thanks to more personal instruction and an excellent participant to instructor ratio.

Price: € 11,500 excluding IVA​

Dates: 16/17 May, 13/14 June, 5/6 July, 11/12 September, 3/4 October, 19/20 November

Evolution Course (Misano)

The Ferrari Evolution Course is a sports and racing course specially developed by Ferrari. Due to the advanced technical content on which the driving sessions are based, the Evolution Course is only open to drivers who have already completed the Pilota Ferrari – Advanced Course.

Price: € 18,000 excluding IVA​

Dates:  19/20 September

Challenge Course (Varano)

The Ferrari Challenge Course is the toughest of all Pilota courses and takes the sports driving concepts developed in the three previous levels to their natural conclusion. It is designed to offer customers a superbly professional and technically evolved service. The theory and practice acquired in a Pilota Ferrari Evolution Course are prerequisites for all aspiring Challenge course participants.

Price: € 18,000 excluding IVA​

Dates: 30/31 July, 8/9 October

Fleet of Cars

488 GTB

812 Superfast

488 Challenge

To find out more or to book your place on one of the Ferrari Pilota Driving Courses please call Adrian Burke on 01793 399783​ or email

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