New Ferrari FF

The new FF is here. Standing for Ferrari Four, Ferrari's FF offers four-wheel drive, and four comfortable seats from which to enjoy the ride. A revolutionary V12 machine, the FF transcends the boundaries of the entire GT sports car concept.

Elegant, futuristic and aerodynamic, the FF draws on Pininfarina for style. On closer inspection, it is clear that this vehicle is a Ferrari to the bone, exhibiting individuality with a defined heritage. The new FF is streamlined and sculpted, yet neatly understated in form and volume. It is compact and subtle, with soft forms around an athletic body. The aerodynamics have been tested to optimise the external and internal air flows for minimal drag and downforce, while guaranteeing the most efficient cooling of the FF's running gear.

The FF wraps drivers and passengers alike in a cocoon of elegance and comfort. Featuring sophisticated trim and hand-crafted finishing touches, the cabin creates a subtle atmosphere of exclusivity. Four roomy yet body-hugging seats welcome each occupant into the kind of comfort usually reserved for luxurious lounges, not four wheels. Meanwhile, there is a surprising amount of room for luggage. The boot capacity is an impressive 450 litres, which can expand up to 800 litres with the seats down.

Thanks to the power of a V12 engine, the FF powers you from 0-60mph in less than 3.7 seconds, and up to a maximum speed of over 208mph. Equipped with cutting-edge 4RM four-wheel drive, the FF is more than capable of dealing with this power in a range of conditions. It does this by transmitting torque to all four wheels and keeping you firmly on the road. This system also allows the retention of the mid-front engine architecture, saving 50 percent of the weight when compared to a typical four-wheel drive system, and allowing a lower centre of gravity for enhanced stability.

The FF features truly outstanding vehicle dynamics that open up a world of new driving possibilities. The E-Diff system is now integrated into the Formula 1 gearbox, allowing you to control yaw and reducing the overall weight. The Dynamic Vehicle Control system is mounted on the steering wheel and allows the driver to select from five modes, depending on the prevailing driving conditions. ESC off, Sport, Comfort, Wet and Ice-Snow adapt a range of systems to offer you optimised grip, power and handling.

Visit us today at our Dick Lovett Ferrari showroom in Swindon and meet the new Ferrari FF. You can also get in contact via the website to find out more and arrange your test drive.

FF 360° View

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