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Q What is a pre-registered or delivery mileage car?


It sounds too good to be true, but delivery mileage or pre-registered BMWs really are new cars with used car price tags.

We order these cars to keep up with demand. We want customers to be able to drive away in a new car as quickly as possible so keeping pre-registered cars in stock means you can do just that.

We also ensure that our pre-registered BMWs come with lots of additional features and extras, from limited edition trims to upgraded seats, upgraded steering wheels and alloys.

There’s always a host of models to choose from, plus they come with a Dick Lovett dealer contribution towards the purchase price and generous specifications which can include upgraded interiors, alloy wheels, sports seats, parking sensors and metallic paint.

What’s more these cars are available for immediate delivery so you can drive away far quicker with more BMW for your money while enjoying all the benefits of a new car.

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