Frequently Asked Questions

Q What if my electric car runs out of battery?


Similar to a petrol or diesel car, if you run out of battery, your car will stop and you will no longer be able to continue your journey until it has been charged.

You might have heard the term “range anxiety” when people refer to the fear of running out of power in an electric car but you shouldn't be worried. Most electric cars go for over 200 miles, with some over 300 miles now and, at the time of writing, there are over 21,000 more public charging locations than there are petrol stations in the UK - you’ll also constantly get reminded of your remaining range along your journey.

Many service stations include charge points, so in reality it's just like driving a petrol or diesel car, just if you do run out, you’ll need to be recovered to the nearest charging station instead of having a fuel canister to hand or delivered depending on your location.

Some sat nav routes will automatically programme in charging stops so you'll know when you need to pull over to charge up.