Frequently Asked Questions

Q What are the benefits of buying used electric cars?


Buying a used electric car delivers the same benefits as buying any used car — compared to the cost as new, you can expect to find a lower price tag. That can suddenly mean that driving an electric car is a far more affordable option.

With a used electric car, drivers still get the same benefits as they would with a new model; zero tailpipe emissions, lower fuel and running costs, and more. And, while there might be buyer concerns over the health of the battery, that’s probably ill-founded. 

EV batteries only lose around 1-2% of their capacity every year, which is relatively little — so if you buy a used electric car that’s two or three years old, there’s plenty of juice left. In any case, battery warranties on electric cars are often eight years/100,000 miles, providing increased reassurance for drivers.

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