Frequently Asked Questions

Q What is Business Contract Hire and is it different to Business Car Leasing?


Both Business Contract Hire and Business Car Leasing are the same thing and instead of buying a car you simply rent it from a finance company for an agreed period of time. At Dick Lovett we have a team of business leasing and contract hire specialists who can help you choose how long you want the contract for and decide your annual mileage allowance. These criteria then help to determine the amount you will pay each month.

The most obvious difference between buying and leasing is that when you buy a car you own it and when you lease a car, you don’t. You are renting the car from the finance company, so at the end of the contract all you have to do is hand the car back in good condition – just like you would a hire car.

As with any contractual arrangement, you must fulfil your obligations under the lease agreement. If you don’t there’s likely to be more to pay so you should be mindful of what you have committed to and how the car is used. Exceeding the agreed mileage, returning the car early or in poor condition could incur extra charges.