Electric Cars for Sale: New & Used Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Electric Cars for Sale: New & Used Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Make the switch. Drive electric.

There’s no better time to make the switch to an all-electric or hybrid car. With driving ranges improving, the UK’s charging network expanding rapidly, and the choice of models increasing, more people than ever are making a hybrid, or all-electric car, their next purchase. 

And, with the increased availability of used electric cars and used hybrid cars on the market, you now don’t need to buy a new model if you prefer not to. Choose a used electric car or a used hybrid car, and you can enjoy all the benefits EV driving delivers — such as no congestion charges in clean air zones — at a lower cost compared to a new vehicle.

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Why choose a hybrid or electric car from Dick Lovett?

Why choose a hybrid or electric car from Dick Lovett?

There are many positives to driving a hybrid or electric car. You can read about the many benefits of electric cars in more detail here, but some of the highlights are:

  • Eco-friendly driving - with zero tailpipe emissions in all-electric vehicles
  • Reduced fuel and running costs vs. combustion engine cars
  • Less maintenance with fewer parts to service
  • Lower tax — with zero road tax on electric cars
  • No congestion charges in UK city clean-air zones
  • Reduced noise pollution
  • Instant acceleration — electric cars are great fun to drive

At Dick Lovett, we’re proud to have a stunning line-up of brand new electric and hybrid models beside an extensive range of approved used hybrid and electric cars for sale, too.

A model to suit everyone, all at great value.

Find Your Perfect New or Used Electric Car at Dick Lovett

Our brands all offer electrified or hybrid driving models — fully charged, and ready to go. BMW, MINI, Porsche, Land Rover and Range Rover,  Jaguar and Ferrari. Hit the iconic logos below to view the latest models available from each of our world-leading marques. Luxury, all-electric SUV or thrilling sports coupé powered purely by battery? We have a wide choice of body styles available, so you have plenty of excellent options.

Hybrid & Electric Cars

Hybrid and electric cars explained

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Hybrid and electric cars might be put in the same category — but they’re not. They’re very different types of car. Confused by the EV, PHEV jargon? Don’t be. It’s quick and easy to understand the differences between the various types of hybrid and electric vehicles.

Plug-in Electric Hybrid Vehicle

A plug-in electric hybrid vehicle has an engine, supported by an electric battery.

While the engine is used a lot of the time, the battery is powerful enough for the car to operate purely in all-electric mode for a typical distance of 30-40 miles (it varies by model). Unlike a MHEV, a PHEV does need recharging, and it needs to be plugged into a power source to do so.

Frequently asked questions

Your questions about electric, answered

If you haven’t driven a hybrid or electric car before, you’ll probably still have a few questions about how they work and what they’re like to drive. We can help with that.

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