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Corporate Sales

Local Business Development Manager, Corporate Sales Administrator, Corporate Sales

Our Corporate Sales Team is responsible for the sale and delivery of vehicles to SMEs, leasing companies, as well as some of the largest well-known corporations in the UK.

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Operating across all of the brands we represent, our Corporate Sales team go above and beyond, delivering over 2,000 vehicles annually. They operate from our Farmhouse building in Bristol, and also from Swindon, in our BMW and MINI dealerships. They pride themselves on providing exceptional service to fleet managers, company car drivers, and leasing companies. More recently, the team attained Corporate Certified status for BMW and MINI, showcasing their dedication to delivering the ultimate experience.

Within our Corporate Sales team, you'll find a wide variety of roles, both client-facing and behind the scenes. Our Local Business Development Managers are entrusted with the task of identifying businesses that can greatly benefit from our vehicle solutions. Meanwhile, our dedicated Sales Support and Logistics Team takes charge of ensuring the seamless delivery of those 2,000+ cars. Together, our team collaborates seamlessly to exceed expectations and uphold our commitment to excellence.

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 Key responsibilities

The different areas of our Corporate Sales Teams have different responsibilities. 

Our Business Development Managers are responsible for identifying and prospecting potential business customers, establishing strong rapport with them, and maintaining accurate records of sales performance. They also need to build strong relationships with internal departments and the wider Corporate team based around the Group.

Our dedicated Corporate Administrators and Sales Support Executives ensure vehicles are registered and taxed prior to delivery. They communicate with the team on when the cars are due to arrive and organise pre-delivery inspections, ensuring the vehicle is in pristine condition, ready for delivery. They then organise onward delivery with our logistics team and follow up with the customer to seek feedback and address any concerns or issues that may arise after delivery.

Our logistics team finalise the deal by coordinating the delivery of the vehicles to our corporate clients. They work closely with our Corporate Administrators and Sales Support Executives to ensure a seamless and efficient delivery process. This includes managing all aspects of transporting the cars to their designated locations. They are also responsible for coordinating any necessary paperwork, ensuring that all documentation is accurately completed and processed.

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Dick Lovett is a great company to work for who invest in their staff from both a work point of view but also from a personal aspect.

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Business Development Manager

What we expect from our team members

 The key skills for anyone wishing to join our Corporate Sales team are:

  • Attention to detail
  • Excellent organisational skills
  • Ability to work under pressure and achieve deadlines
  • Good communicator
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Effective at prioritising tasks
  • A strong, yet friendly personality

If you believe you process these skills, join our team and build your Corporate Sales career. Start out as a Corporate Sales Administrator and learn how the department works, or if you have past experience, apply as a Business Development Manager and make an immediate impact with your expertise. Apply and enjoy the benefits Dick Lovett has to offer.

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