Jason Bond

Meet Jason Bond

Aftersales Trainer

Dick Lovett Central Operations The Farmhouse

“Be the bison!”

My first role with Dick Lovett was as a Kerridge Aftersales Trainer. After I spent a few months helping run the Ferrari Swindon branch, I was asked to move to BMW Bristol and take on the Service Manager role there. Roles are always developing, so when it became evident that we needed to split the job and have a Service Manager and Workshop Manager, I became the latter. I was the BMW Workshop Manager for 18 years, so it felt like it was time for a change!

My role is to provide support and training to all of the Aftersales teams, but our first priorities are Workshop Controllers, Apprentices and Apprentice Mentors. We will be setting up Cohorts and delivering 1-2-1 on-site support for these roles.

Another aspect of my role is reviewing the best way to recruit, on board and support Aftersales employees from the start.

Supporting colleagues and being a part of their development and success. I feel it’s a privilege to have a positive impact on someone’s now and future.

The world of Aftersales has always been challenging, its never plain sailing hence the reason why I enjoyed it so much. However, watching my team members develop and progress has always been a joy to be a part of.