Emma Watkins

Meet Emma Watkins

Recruitment Marketing Executive

Dick Lovett Central Operations The Depot

“My current role is to be an advocate for working at Dick Lovett.”

I went to University and studied Psychology as I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do when I grew up, but knew I was interested in a role with people. When I left university, I joined Mercedes as a Stock Controller which was my introduction to the Automotive Industry. I then moved away from home for a job as a Porsche Marketing Executive in Silverstone, so when an opportunity to join Dick Lovett arose to look after the marketing for four of their Porsche sites, I jumped at the chance to return to Bristol in 2018!

The Porsche Marketing Executive role revolves around meeting the guidelines set by the Porsche brand and adhering to their brand standards, and while you get to go on some amazing training and they offer some fantastic experiences which includes driving the incredible cars, I felt like I was ready for a role where I would be able to have more creative freedom.

Since I started this role in late 2021, I feel like I have already had an impact on how we promote the business and engage with candidates. In a nutshell, my current role is to be an advocate for working at Dick Lovett.

We have created a brand for Dick Lovett Careers and rolled this out across our materials we take to schools, our new careers website and our social media content. One of the really exciting parts of this role has been to get to know so many people across the group and learn more about their journeys with the company.

Emma In Action
We have also been doing some exciting things with The Lovett Foundation charity and I am thrilled to be a Trustee and work alongside Rebecca on such a special project. The engagement we have had from the sites to support the charity makes you feel like you are in a company made up of good people. I am looking forward to continuing to promote working at Dick Lovett and hope to showcase that this is an aspirational place to work in the Automotive Industry. 

Lovett Foundation

Dick Lovett has so much history so there are some people who have been here for a really long time, have worked in multiple departments and have progressed from Apprentice to Management level! We have some of the most exciting brands in the automotive industry, but what really attracted me to this role, was getting to work so closely with all the people who work here.

If you read any of the staff stories on this website, you will see the same things again and again. When we ask “What’s your favourite thing about working at Dick Lovett?” everyone says “The people” without hesitation. We have a special culture here as a family-run business, which is created by the management board remaining very close to all of the dealerships and all of the teams within them.

I am lucky to work with both the Marketing and Personnel teams. The Marketing team keep up to date with the latest marketing trends and information we need to keep on top of the competition. We have a team that is continually trying to evolve and learn, which ensures that you are always trying to better your marketing content. 

The Personnel team are the backbone of Dick Lovett and they have taught me a lot about how important the culture of Dick Lovett is, a lot of which they have built by how they support our people. One of the team once said to me, that the Personnel department are there to “ensure everyone feels celebrated during the highest points of their lives and careers, and supported during their lower moments” and personally I have already seen this support from the business on my journey with Dick Lovett.