Crystal Butcher

Meet Crystal Butcher

Apprentice Vehicle Technician

Porsche Centre Swindon

“Be the go-to person for people.”

Working at Dick Lovett is simple, the more work and effort and time you give to the business, the more you shall receive. As long as you put yourself out there, the business eloquently pushes each employee in the direction of success. It's simple really, show your interest and the higher steps reveal themselves. 

Since I am fond of being of service to others, I like to fix mechanical problems where I can. I joined Dick Lovett almost 2 years ago to as an Apprentice Vehicle Technician. 

I joined this department in the hopes that I might learn technical information and apply it to my hobbies as I'm constantly working on my cars. Due to the responsibilities and organisations in place, this role has a direct impact on my life - the work I've completed on my own vehicle has benefited from it.  

This curriculum combines a comprehensive college experience with working with a team to ensure that you acquire the expertise required to uphold Porsche's standards as a future Technician. Understanding what is required for the strict Porsche standard alongside conducting the repair or diagnosis, as well as learning processes and techniques can help you finish incoming jobs swiftly and efficiently for the future. 

Day-to-day as an Apprentice, I ensure the workshop is tidy by cleaning and organising tools or equipment, so the Technicians can easily use specialist equipment when they need to. I also do reporting and checks on equipment and supplies to guarantee prompt service for the Technicians'.  

My favourite thing about my job is the absorption of knowledge – this team of Technicians are rich in knowledge and every day I arrive at work it’s easy for me to learn something new. At Porsche Centre Swindon, each person has their own area of expertise and has accomplished various jobs. To guarantee that every assignment is completed as quickly as possible, each team member will be happy to share their expertise with you. Everyone also provides their own tips and techniques; the team is more than just co-workers. I feel everyone is included in our Centre and I was welcomed into this team with open arms. I appreciate how supportive our workshop team is, whether it's car related or not, they're always there to help. 

I enjoy honing my abilities by completing successful projects for customers. It's fascinating and fulfilling to put the knowledge to use in a practical scenario. I love cars. Particularly on a GTS, I appreciate the powerful exhaust sounds. I am fascinated by all the unique modifications that the owners add to these excellent race vehicles. I like collaborating with the various departments and establishing relationships within the company. 

I smile a lot throughout the day and take pleasure in the group and environment. If a GT3 enters the workshop, don't even start me! I have plenty of time to admire the engineering of cars built for the track as well as classic Porsche’s ranging from years 1950’s-90’s. 

Challenges occur naturally as a Technician, as vehicles aren’t straight forward. Parts don’t just fall onto a car, I once had to fit two lower front suspension arms to a Macan which I found difficult due to the physicality of removing ball joints, getting the arms to fit in conjunction to all other suspension components which are very strong and do not like to move! You won't ever get bored working as a Technician because you'll never just be standing about. 

Although it appears fairly simple, changing four tyres for the first time in under an hour was a highlight for me. I required a lot of repetition to perfect fitting and removing tyres on wheels, but I accomplished it for the first time effortlessly and independently. Being able to complete new skills allows you to improve your CV and self-worth daily. 

A wonderful experience I had while working at Dick Lovett was accompanying Gold Technician, Kevin Alle, as he worked on a variety of classic vehicles whilst I was his apprentice. I observed Kevin while he restored a 356; after the gearbox was fixed, everything was put back together, and we went for a drive, I felt immensely proud of our work. There were a few bangs here and there that were not supposed to be there, but I couldn't help but smile. 

Another highlight was the opportunity to work alongside Gary Moore at Ferrari Swindon to restore some classic vehicles within my first year. I began by stripping the 305 and dropping the suspension from a 3.2 litre RS which gave me great pride as Gary had faith in my abilities. Gary also taught me to weld, create my own bolts and thread as well other engineering techniques such as using the tap and die equipment. 

I'm eager to work independently as a qualified Technician. Since I am trustworthy and can provide them with information regarding the repair, I am looking forward to interacting with customers to increase trust with the technical department. I want to be able to comprehend every vehicle in detail, as well as the engineering choices Porsche made to produce such exceptional race cars. 

I’m thrilled to see the potential and possibility of moving up within the Dick Lovett brand after my Level 3 Mechanical qualification.