Aman Verma

Meet Aman Verma

Corporate Business Development Manager

Dick Lovett Central Operations The Farmhouse

“Pay attention to the present, which could feed the future!”

I am the Corporate Business Development Manager for the Bristol area representing the BMW and MINI brands in our group, looking after local and national business with the supply of these brands as their company cars.

I joined Dick Lovett four years ago. I was previously in this role, but for a different brand. I was born corporate, corporate is all I know! When I applied to work at Dick Lovett, I was attracted to the brands that we represent as well as a fantastic dedicated corporate team acting as one team for one business.

My job includes looking after local and national businesses with the supply of BMW and MINI’s as the choice of brand for their company cars, my job role includes meeting decision makers of all nature from fleet managers / directors / finance directors to discuss the cost effectiveness of these brands and how to ideally run these cars through their business. I also look after renewals for these customers in advance of their contracts ending to manage a smooth transition from their old fleet to their new fleet. My job also includes advising our corporate customers of industry and legislation changes that could impact their drivers and their businesses.

I love going out to see new and existing customers to see how I can help with their fleet, I love the brands that I represent for my job role, I adore the team I work in, and the nice cars we get to drive!

In Bristol, our corporate team is made up of me, and two other Local Business Development Managers, and the support team. We all help each other to satisfy our customers together. I have worked for a PLC organisation before, and working for Dick Lovett is definitely different in a positive way, your voice is heard, and things can be actioned quicker.

One of my highlights was winning the support to the Rolls Royce account, which hadn’t been achieved previously! Another is that I have introduced more key account customers to BMW UK for us to supply. Continuing to look after local business customers is a highlight of mine, and though we face challenges with delivery times and pricing, which is out of our control, I want to continue to do the best I can to bring in more business for the department.