Alex Hynes

Meet Alex Hynes

BMW Service Manager

Dick Lovett BMW Bristol

“I want to ensure we always keep the Dick Lovett way.”

I joined Dick Lovett in 1999 as a BMW Apprentice at Swindon, progressing through the BMW training plan and achieved the status of BMW Master Technician. I then had the opportunity to take the role of Workshop Controller to develop my skills. I was given the opportunity to become the service Manager for BMW Swindon, and then moved to BMW Bristol as the Service Manager in 2023.

My role involves managing the BMW service department and the team in it, aiming to develop individuals and deliver an all-round team performance. I am extremely lucky as I have a fantastically driven team with the majority of the individuals wanting to develop and deliver the best result.

I was selected to take part in the cohort programme, and it has been a great journey for me to understand how to engage and interact with others, especially when delivering challenging conversations. It has also helped me to understand more about myself and how I can affect outcomes. It has also given me experience of how to coach and manage various individuals and understand that rewards and drivers are different for everyone.

Attending the cohort programme has allowed me to spend time with different people from around the group and get an understanding of their challenges and roles. Managing a team of people through the uncertain times of the COVID lockdown was one of the more challenging times I have faced in my role, and also helping a team through the loss of an Apprentice Technician.

A personal highlight from my time with Dick Lovett, but my main highlight was upon becoming the youngest BMW Master Technician in the group getting to go to Munich for the awards tour.

My personal ambition is to become a head of business within Dick Lovett. I want to ensure we always keep the “Dick Lovett way” and remember the ethos of when I first started. It is a great privilege to give other new starters, or apprentices like me the opportunity I had.

In my future with Dick Lovett, I simply want to keep investing in people and giving young apprentices a chance. From a motor industry perspective, I would love to drive home the importance of keeping trained individuals in the trade. By continuing to take on apprentices and develop individuals.