Rewards and Benefits

Rewards and Benefits

Why work for Dick Lovett

Why work for Dick Lovett

Enjoy a competitive benefits package

When you come to work at Dick Lovett, we offer you a package of benefits which contribute to the values we hold as a company.

Our range of benefits ensure that we can care for our teams at the highest and lowest points of their lives and are selected with both our employees and their families in mind.

This is why Dick Lovett employees, and their families, can benefit from medical insurance, use our Employee Assistance Programme, and we have a Life Assurance policy in place to support your family should anything happen to you.

We regularly review our company benefits, as working with Dick Lovett is a lifestyle, and our people are important to us. We acknowledge that different people value different things, and with this in mind, we feel we offer something for everyone to enjoy – no matter what stage you are in life. 

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Lifestyle Options

Lifestyle Options

Flexible working solutions

At Dick Lovett, you are more than just a number. Your Managers know who you are. Our Personnel Team is also here to support you at both the highest and lowest moments of your life. 

We recognise that, whatever job you do or whatever level you are at, you need to strike a balance between your work life and your home life. We will work with you to find flexible working solutions wherever possible, in line with the needs of the business. 

Learning and Development

Learning and Development


The automotive industry holds excellent prospects for career advancement and plenty of opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

Here at Dick Lovett, we've carefully crafted clear career paths for each role, guiding you towards exciting advancement opportunities.

We truly value and celebrate the achievements of our teams, no matter how big or small. Whether it's an Apprentice passing their qualification or an Advisor stepping up into a management role, we cherish every individual's contribution to our business's success.

When it comes to promotions, we firmly believe in recognising merit and hard work. Our Learning and Development team is dedicated to nurturing future leaders and supporting the career progression of every individual at Dick Lovett. We want to see you succeed, and we're here to help you go from strength to strength in your career journey.

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Dick Lovett has grown successfully because of our people, showing that with a great attitude and work ethic everyone can be trained to have great skills. The brands we represent make the business fast paced and exciting. Our continued growth constantly provides fresh opportunity for new candidates.

Richard Davies

Director, Dick Lovett Jaguar Land Rover

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Benefits and rewards may vary dependent on role, department, and franchise. Terms and conditions apply. Please contact us for further details.