Having your bike regularly serviced at Dick Lovett Motorrad, according to your service manual will not only maintain your manufacturer warranty, but can ensure its reliability, durability, reduce the cost of running your bike in the long term and enhance its resale value.

The team at Dick Lovett Motorrad have extensive qualifications based upon intensive training and advanced professional training programs according to the international BMW Standard. Your bike couldn't be in better hands.

Due to the large range of bikes available from Dick Lovett Motorrad, servicing costs can vary from bike to bike. Why not give us a call to discuss your servicing requirements and we will be delighted to give you an accurate quote for your specific bike.

Struggling to get to us?

Why not talk to our Service Team about having your bike collected and delivered back to you at your convenience when the service has been completed.

For more information about the servicing available at Dick Lovett Motorrad, or to book in your bike, call our friendly Aftersales Team today.

Dick Lovett Motorrad - 0117 905 0200