BMW F 800 GS Adventure

This BMW Motorrad offering takes the best of the F 800 GS and adds all that could be needed to make you feel at home crossing mountain ranges and deserts alike.

A true enduro, chunky all-terrain tyres set the tone for this action-ready machine. And that tone continues with the addition of pannier mountings, bash plates, hand protectors and an enlarged windscreen. All of this, coupled with the bike's enlarged fuel tank and guards, comes together to produce an all-conquering and formidable look.

The lower, more centralised riding position provided by the enduro-style, low-slung seat is ideal for keeping control on loose ground and allows the rider to tuck in behind the larger windscreen. Further lowering is available too, to make the bike suitable for shorter riders. The optional heated handlebars and auxiliary LED headlights will only serve to add to this already complete package.

The bike comes with an enlarged fuel tank, allowing it to carry up to eight litres of extra fuel and giving it a total capacity of 24 litres. It has also been equipped with uprated springs, providing travel of up to 230mm on the front and 215mm on the rear, guaranteeing comfort on even the trickiest of surfaces. The engine is a 798cc, four-stroke, in-line two-cylinder that pushes out 83hp and 83Nm of torque, making it more than capable of pulling itself up even steep inclines.

The F 800 GS Adventure is built with an ultra-tough tubular torsion-resistant steel frame and equipped with Enduro mode, a system that optimises suspension response over various surfaces. The bike also comes with BMW Motorrad's impressive ABS system on both front and rear wheels, giving the rider confidence when it's needed most. Further protection is provided by the bike's in-built fuel tank defenders, which serve to widen the body and defend the rider's legs, too.

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