THE 2017 BMW C 400 X


In this day and age, urban mobility means much more than just getting from A to B. Nowadays, you don't want to miss anything but rather take advantage of everything that the city has to offer – even when you are on the move. The C 400 X gives you this opportunity. Are you networked and connected at all times? The C 400 X is too. It's a mid-size scooter that easily overcomes a challenges of mobility in a city. Just take your favourite songs with you on the scooter and experience the city to your own personal soundtrack. Or make plans with friends on your connected smartphone without dismounting while you cruise comfortably through the metropolis. With the C 400 X, your city and routes become a large open space. An open space of your own that you can map out for yourself to have lots of fun.

Agile and manoeuvrable, fuel-efficient and equipped with a punchy output of 25 kW at 35 Nm: The BMW C 400 X is the perfect mid-size scooter for the city. ABS and automatic stability control (ASC) as standard provide safety in urban traffic at all times. Thanks to the optional BMW Motorrad Connectivity, you are always connected on the move. Find out here what other technical data and standard equipment features the BMW C 400 X boasts.

The engine concept of the C 400 X was specially developed for this mid-size scooter and adapted perfectly to the needs of a large city as well as to your needs. The highly efficient design provides low revs, high speeds, efficient combustion and minimal friction – or, in other words, low consumption and unlimited, uncomplicated fun. Naturally, the emission levels comply with Euro 4. In short: spontaneous riding manoeuvres, agile acceleration, dynamic gliding – with the C 400 X you can easily keep up with the speed of the city.


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