Have you got your winter tyres

Have you got your winter tyres?

Once the temperature dips to 7°C and below, standard tyres harden and no longer provide optimum adhesion, compromising performance when accelerating, braking and cornering.

Switching to BMW winter tyres for the colder months not only increases safety, but since they wear more slowly than standard tyres in low temperatures, they last longer and provide cost-effective winter motoring.

Winter wheels and tyres start at extremely competitive prices and our experts can help ensure you get the right tyres for your car. We have a huge range of tyres in stock and many of our dealerships have same day access to additional stock.

However, using BMW’s own BMW star marked tyres ensures you are choosing tyres which have been specifically designed and developed for your car for optimum performance.

Get in touch with your local Dick Lovett BMW dealership today to find out more.

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