Used BMW i3 2020  Cars For Sale

Used BMW i3 2020 Cars For Sale

Approved Used BMW i3

About the BMW i3

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The BMW i3 might be a compact car, but it’s a clever little model that has set the standard in the field of small electric vehicles. Launched in 2013, the BMW i3 was a genuinely innovative vehicle – the first all-electric car unveiled as a mainstream EV.

Since its exciting launch, the i3 has been hugely popular as a premium electric compact car. 

While there has only been one generation of the model, it was given a refresh in 2018 – which included a larger battery – and the more powerful, and faster, i3s Sport model was also introduced.

Production of the i3 was discontinued in 2022, so it’s no longer available to purchase new – but at Dick Lovett BMW, you can view a great selection of BMW i3 used cars. Discover the latest approved used BMW i3’s for sale here online, or in stock across our dealerships in Bristol, Hungerford, Melksham (near Bath) and Swindon.

Why Buy a Used BMW i3?

A used BMW i3 is great fun to drive – zippy, agile and with sharp, responsive steering and handling. As an electric car, acceleration is virtually instant. On the road and behind the wheel, everything feels quiet, smooth and calm. There’s no mistaking the fact that you’re driving an electric car.

Although the i3 has been in existence since 2013, its design – inside and out – still feels futuristic. The front kidney grille provides the iconic BMW styling, while the two-tone paintwork simply adds character. Colour combinations include Melbourne Red with Frozen Grey, Capparis White with Blue, and Fluid Black with Blue.

The interior is no less impressive, and perhaps one of the leading features of a used BMW i3. For a compact car, it can comfortably seat four adults, and as a five-door model, access to the rear seating is easy. The boot is surprisingly sizable too, at 260 litres. This can be expanded to a generous 1,100 litres when the rear seats are folded down; this is an innovative, adaptable layout.

The cabin is spacious, and clean in more than just design; the interior of the BMW i3 features door trim panels, and a dashboard made from renewable natural fibres. Sustainability has been a priority during the build of the i3 – overall, 25% renewable raw materials and recycled plastics were used in the interior of the car. The textile upholsteries are made of up to 100% recycled polyester.

The BMW i3 comes complete with the sophisticated BMW iDrive system, accessible via the touchscreen or a rotary controller.  The driver’s seating position is relatively high, so whoever’s behind the wheel may feel they’re piloting a larger car.

*Key features of a used BMW i3 can include:

  • Dynamic Traction Control (DTC)
  • LED headlights
  • Heated front seats
  • BMW ConnectedDrive
  • Multifunction controls on the steering wheel
  • Cruise control
  • Automatic air conditioning
  • Keyless engine start
  • BMW Navigation System Pro
  • DAB Radio

Modest running costs are another great reason to buy a BMW i3 used car, with zero road tax thanks to its low CO2 emissions. Purchase a used BMW i3 from a Dick Lovett dealership and, as with all used BMW models, it comes fully approved with a warranty that’s backed by the manufacturer. 

The warranty provides your used BMW i3 with unlimited mileage protection in the event of a breakdown. Repair costs for parts and labour, on any warranty related items, are also covered. Your used BMW i3 is covered for 12 months. Find your nearest Dick Lovett BMW dealership here.

Tips & Advice for Buying a Used BMW i3

If you’re thinking of buying a used BMW i3, there are only two different trims to compare – which can make the decision process much easier. The BMW i3 is available as a standard version, or as the i3s model. 

There’s not a huge difference between the two, though the i3s is a little more powerful and faster, in terms of acceleration. A used BMW i3 delivers 170bhp and achieves 0-62mph acceleration in a respectable 7.3 seconds, while the i3s has 184bhp and records 0-62mph in a quicker 6.9 seconds.

What is important to consider when buying a used BMW i3 is the battery capacity, and the driving range that it delivers. The size of the battery depends on the age of the model. Older used BMW i3 cars may have the original 22.6kWh battery, which has a range of between 80-100 miles before needing to be charged, though some models were fitted with a range extender, as hybrid vehicles, to improve on that. A 33kWh battery was introduced in 2016, improving the range to 120 miles.

Used BMW i3 models from 2018 were fitted with the larger capacity 42.2kWh battery, which extended the range up to around 190 miles – making it more than comfortable for achieving longer journeys. The newest used BMW i3 models can be charged much faster than the older versions – from 0 to 80% in under 40 minutes, using a 50kW charge rate.

Whichever used BMW i3 you choose, at Dick Lovett we can help you to buy your next car by offering flexible finance. Our finance deals include Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) or Hire Purchase (HP) agreements. PCP and HP are different types of finance agreements, but each enables you to spread payments over a longer period – typically 24, 36 or 48 months. Finance plans can provide a flexible way of buying or leasing a vehicle.

For more information on finance packages, contact Dick Lovett BMW here, or read more about other finance options here.

Other Used BMW Models to choose from

At Dick Lovett, we have a wide range of approved used BMW models for sale, all at competitive prices. Whether you’re looking for a used BMW i3 for sale or are open to another model, you can explore available cars online or visit one of our four dealerships to browse latest deals and stock.

The BMW model range includes SUVs, SAVs, hatchbacks, coupes, convertibles and saloons. You can secure your chosen model for a low deposit, or arrange a test drive.

In addition to the BMW i3, other electric cars in the BMW used range include:

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With our online search function, finding the perfect BMW for you is quick and easy. You can search for electric, hybrid, petrol or diesel models, or go for more specific by focusing on model type, body style, age of vehicle, desired mileage and more. Find the location of your nearest Dick Lovett BMW dealership here.

*Some features may only be available on selected trims.

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