Air Conditioning is the process of altering the properties of air to more comfortable conditions. The air conditioning system in your BMW works hard to maintain a suitable temperature for you and your passengers, while filtering out pollen and dust and minimising condensation.

The air conditioning system in your BMW needs to be fully functional all year round to provide cooling on hot summer days, but also to help reduce condensation on those frosty mornings. Continuous use helps to keep your air conditioning working more efficiently, but it should be maintained periodically as with any other vital component.

At Dick Lovett BMW we have a range of services to keep your system working as effectively as possible. These services are provided in the form of the BMW Air Conditioning Refresh and Recharge.

The BMW Air Conditioning Refresh includes the following:

  • Clean and disinfect the evaporator
  • Clean and disinfect entire air duct system
  • Treat air vents and BMW interior

    The BMW Air Conditioning Recharge includes the following:

    • Drain all refrigerant
    • Check system for leaks
    • Recharge refrigerant and lubricant
    • Check system operating pressures

    Refresh Service Price: £39.99

    Recharge Service Price: £75.99

    Combined Refresh and Recharge Service: £99

    Choose a Refresh if there are musty odours when you first switch on the engine, or when you adjust your air conditioning or temperature settings. If your air conditioning takes too long to reach the temperature you want, or if it will not reach it at all, choose a Recharge.

    For the ultimate air conditioning service, why not take advantage of our added value combined Refresh and Recharge service for just £99?

    If you would like to book in your BMW for this offer or would like to find out more, please call your nearest Dick Lovett BMW Dealership on:

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