BMW Summer Health Check

BMW Summer Health Check

BMW summer health check - £39.99

At Dick Lovett BMW, our commitment to making sure your vehicle is in its best possible condition lasts all year round. When the sun is out and the weather is warmer, it’s still important to know that your car is road-ready – so a BMW summer health check can keep you covered.

Hot conditions can cause issues for your car, particularly if fluid levels aren’t topped up and sufficient. With a BMW summer check, our approved technicians will deliver a thorough inspection of your vehicle – giving you the confidence of knowing your car is good-to-go.

A BMW summer check costs just £39.99. For more information and to book today, contact our Dick Lovett BMW dealerships. You’ll find us in Bristol, Hungerford (near Andover and Newbury), Melksham (near Bath) and Swindon.

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What's included in a summer health check?

A BMW summer health check from Dick Lovett’s approved servicing team involves an inspection of the tyres, brakes, steering, battery, fluid levels* (coolant, antifreeze and oil), suspension and lights. We’ll check everything is as it should be, and if repairs or replacement parts are needed, we can carry out the work for an additional cost. Dick Lovett only uses genuine BMW parts.

Our team will also check your windscreen for cracks and/or chips and that your front and rear wipers are in correct working order, and not split or damaged.

During a summer health check of your car, it’s a good time to talk to us about fitting summer tyres. Summer tyres have different properties to winter tyres allowing them to perform to their best in the hotter weather conditions. If this is an option you’d like to explore, our BMW approved technicians can supply and fit summer tyres to your BMW - just mention it during your booking.

What does a summer health check cost?

A BMW summer health check at Dick Lovett costs just £39.99 – excellent value for a service from BMW trained technicians who know your vehicle inside and out.

As well as the inspections that take place during a BMW summer health check, the price includes topping up your screen wash, engine oil and antifreeze*.

Book directly with our service team by using our online contact form, or call one of Dick Lovett’s BMW dealerships. Our four dealerships are located throughout the South West, at Bath, Bristol, Hungerford, Melksham and Swindon.

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*Maximum 1 litre top up.