BMW Air Conditioning Offer

BMW Air Conditioning Offer

BMW Air Conditioning Service

How would you cope without air conditioning in your BMW?

Air conditioning keeps you pleasantly cool in the summer and warm and comfortable in the winter, and allows you to manage the internal temperature of your vehicle.

But, like most other working elements of a car, it needs to be regularly maintained and managed to make sure it’s operating correctly and at its best.

Over time and regular use, the air conditioning in your BMW may start to feel less effective. It may need regassing, or refreshing, to restore it to its best performance.

Air con servicing from Dick Lovett BMW in Bristol, Hungerford (near Andover and Newbury), Melksham (near Bath) and Swindon keeps it all ticking over perfectly. Explore our best offers for a BMW air conditioning service today – pricing starts from just £39.

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What's included in an air conditioning offer?

At Dick Lovett BMW,  we offer two types of air con servicing. A BMW Air Conditioning Recharge involves a regassing. If your car’s air conditioning doesn’t feel quite as cold as it usually does, or doesn’t demist the windscreen on a cold day, the system might need the old refrigerant gas to be replaced with new gas. Our technicians will drain the old gas and refill with new.

Is your BMW starting to lose that new car smell? It may be time for a refresh service. We want your drive to be as comfortable as possible and we have the expertise to make that happen; we recommend you take your BMW to your local Dick Lovett BMW Centre so a highly trained BMW technician can clean and disinfect the evaporator and air duct systems, as well as treat the air vents and the interior to keep that new car smell for a little longer.

You can book air con servicing at Dick Lovett’s BMW dealerships, in Bristol, Hungerford, Melksham or Swindon.

What does an air conditioning service cost?

Contact our servicing teams at Dick Lovett BMW to discuss air conditioning offers and pricing for your vehicle. The cost of air con servicing for your BMW may depend on the model you drive.

Costs start from just £79 for a BMW Air Conditioning Recharge, and as little as £39 for a BMW Air Conditioning Refresh. Book both types of BMW air conditioning service together though, and you’ll pay only £99 – saving £19 compared to getting each separately.

Book your service today, at any of our Dick Lovett BMW dealerships across the South West, and ensure your air con is working at its best. You can find out more about our range of BMW servicing here.

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