BMW Service Inclusive

BMW Service Inclusive

BMW Service Inclusive

BMW Service Inclusive

BMW Service Inclusive is the simple and convenient solution to making sure your vehicle is always looked after. When you buy a BMW Service Inclusive package with Dick Lovett, all your BMW’s servicing is covered from the date of first registration and for the next four years* – giving you peace of mind for just a single one-off payment.

When you book a BMW service with Dick Lovett, your vehicle is in the very best hands. Our team of BMW-approved technicians have access to the latest diagnostic technology and tools, and dedicated servicing facilities. If any repairs are needed during the service, we’ll only use genuine BMW parts – and these are all covered by a two-year warranty.

We also offer finance deals on all repair and bodyshop work, with 0% APR available for up to six months**. Contact our Dick Lovett BMW dealerships to make a BMW service booking and to find out more about BMW Service Inclusive. Our locations are Bristol, Hungerford (near Andover and Newbury), Melksham (near Bath) and Swindon.

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What’s included in BMW Service Inclusive?

BMW Service Inclusive is available for petrol, diesel, PHEV and electric models, so whatever you drive, you can be covered under the servicing plan. Service Inclusive covers all servicing costs for at least the first four years after your vehicle's first registration date* or up to a certain mileage.

Service Inclusive includes an engine oil service and engine oil top-ups, brake fluid servicing, and servicing to the air filter and micro filter. If you drive a BMW diesel model, you’re covered for a fuel filter service while if you drive a petrol vehicle, you can have a service on spark plugs.

In addition, BMW Service Inclusive means your MOT Protect is extended and covers the duration of the plan. BMW MOT Protect covers your vehicle for any repairs it needs in the unlikely event of it failing its MOT^.

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How much does BMW Service Inclusive cost?

BMW Service Inclusive can be purchased up to your vehicle’s first service and starts from just £694 for petrol and PHEV models, £979 for diesel models and £324 for BEV models. View the full price list below.

Series Petrol / PHEV (5yrs/62k) Diesel (5yrs/62k) BEV (4yrs/unlimited mileage)
1 / 2 Series £1,002 £1,420  
3 / 4 Series £1,044 £1,482  
5 Series £1,378 £1,775  
7 Series £1,535    
8 Series £1,879 £2,161  
X1 / X2 £1,138 £1,420  
X3 / X4 £1,253 £1,524  
X5 / X6 £1,608 £1,848  
X7 £1,733 £2,004  
Z4 £1,138    
M2 £2,098    
M3 / M4 £2,861    
M5 £2,913    
M8 £3,550    
X3M / X4M £2,808    
X5M / X6M £3,080    
XM £3,696    
i3     £470
i4     £574
i5     £710
i7     £731
iX1 / iX2     £512
iX3     £543
iX     £741
Series 1 / 2 Series
Petrol / PHEV (5yrs/62k) £1,002
Diesel (5yrs/62k) £1,420
Series 3 / 4 Series
Petrol / PHEV (5yrs/62k) £1,044
Diesel (5yrs/62k) £1,482
Series 5 Series
Petrol / PHEV (5yrs/62k) £1,378
Diesel (5yrs/62k) £1,775
Series 7 Series
Petrol / PHEV (5yrs/62k) £1,535
Series 8 Series
Petrol / PHEV (5yrs/62k) £1,879
Diesel (5yrs/62k) £2,161
Series X1 / X2
Petrol / PHEV (5yrs/62k) £1,138
Diesel (5yrs/62k) £1,420
Series X3 / X4
Petrol / PHEV (5yrs/62k) £1,253
Diesel (5yrs/62k) £1,524
Series X5 / X6
Petrol / PHEV (5yrs/62k) £1,608
Diesel (5yrs/62k) £1,848
Series X7
Petrol / PHEV (5yrs/62k) £1,733
Diesel (5yrs/62k) £2,004
Series Z4
Petrol / PHEV (5yrs/62k) £1,138
Series M2
Petrol / PHEV (5yrs/62k) £2,098
Series M3 / M4
Petrol / PHEV (5yrs/62k) £2,861
Series M5
Petrol / PHEV (5yrs/62k) £2,913
Series M8
Petrol / PHEV (5yrs/62k) £3,550
Series X3M / X4M
Petrol / PHEV (5yrs/62k) £2,808
Series X5M / X6M
Petrol / PHEV (5yrs/62k) £3,080
Series XM
Petrol / PHEV (5yrs/62k) £3,696
Series i3
BEV (4yrs/unlimited mileage) £470
Series i4
BEV (4yrs/unlimited mileage) £574
Series i5
BEV (4yrs/unlimited mileage) £710
Series i7
BEV (4yrs/unlimited mileage) £731
Series iX1 / iX2
BEV (4yrs/unlimited mileage) £512
Series iX3
BEV (4yrs/unlimited mileage) £543
Series iX
BEV (4yrs/unlimited mileage) £741

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Have you considered BMW Pay Monthly Servicing?

We know how precious your BMW is, and how important regular services are. BMW's Pay Monthly service plan means you get all the quality you expect from BMW for your services and parts, for just one fixed monthly payment. Keep your service history up to date, at an affordable and pocked-in price.

Terms and conditions

*Cover applicable for Electric vehicles until four years from vehicle registration and Petrol, Diesel and PHEV vehicles until five years from vehicle registration.

**All loans are subject to status and affordability checks including use of credit reference agency data. You must be 18 or over to apply. Finance agreement and full terms and conditions are available on application. Finance provided by Payment Assist Ltd. Payment Assist Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and entered on the Financial Services Register under firm registration number 622544. You must have a valid UK based debit card to be accepted by Payment Assist for finance. Credit cards and certain debit cards are not allowed, these include prepaid debit cards and cards that do not allow continuous payments to be set up. 1 to 6 month interest free credit options available on purchases over £250.

^MOT Protect will cover all warrantable items with the exception of windscreen, wheels, tyres, items replaced as part of routine servicing (e.g. brake disks and pads) modified and/or non-BMW components.