BMW Pothole Damage Check

BMW Pothole Damage Check

How potholes can damage your BMW

Pothole damage

Potholes can be the scourge of motorists, especially so in the winter, when the conditions of our roads deteriorate the most.

When roads get wet and temperatures drop below freezing, its impact can cause the surface of the road to crack and split, leading to potholes and craters appearing – which are serious hazards for drivers.

Although drivers are often able to spot potholes as they approach and avoid them, it’s not always possible to do so. Driving over one can damage your vehicle. Pothole damage to car suspension is a common problem, as is tyre and wheel damage.

If you suspect you’ve driven over a pothole, it’s best to get your vehicle checked over. A BMW pothole check is free of charge, and if we identify wheel alignment problems, we can fix those – a wheel alignment service costs £149 including VAT. If you need more extensive repairs that cost over £250, you can use our 0% APR finance plan - this can be paid back over six months*.

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Benefits of getting a BMW pothole check

Benefits of getting a BMW pothole check

Why should I get a BMW pothole check?

As potholes can damage your car’s suspension, tyres and wheels, you should get your vehicle checked in case of a potential problem. You may think there is no impact on your vehicle, but just because you may not see any damage to the tyre or wheel, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Pothole tyre damage can knock out the wheel alignment, and affect the steering. Incorrect wheel alignment has consequences for the condition of your BMW. For example, uneven wear on your tyre may mean you need to replace them sooner than scheduled. Incorrect wheel alignment caused by pothole wheel damage can also result in higher fuel consumption as it increases the rolling resistance of the tyres.

A BMW pothole check inspects your vehicle for any damage caused by driving over a pothole, and can identify issues that might impact on the safety and performance of your car.

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Why choose Dick Lovett for your pothole check?

Book a BMW pothole check with Dick Lovett in Bristol Hungerford (near Andover and Newbury), Melksham (near Bath) or Swindon and our expert technicians will oversee a thorough examination and inspection of your vehicle to look for potential damage and faults.

We’ll check your alignment using specialist imaging equipment technology that looks at the angles of the wheel alignment. Our system evaluates the wheels for issues such as camber misalignment and tow.

In addition, our BMW pothole check also includes a full safety inspection, including a video of the process that you can watch online.

We’ll also advise you of any safety recalls or quality enhancements that might be relevant on your BMW, wash and vacuum the car before returning it to you, and top up the screenwash.

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Why book with Dick Lovett

  • Expert Technicians
  • Specialist imaging equipment technology
  • Wheels examined
  • Full safety inspection
  • Personalised video
  • Advice on safety recalls
  • BMW washed and vacuumed
  • Screenwash topped up for you
Common signs of BMW pothole damage

Common signs of BMW pothole damage

Common pothole damage

Pothole damage to car suspension is relatively common, so if you suspect you have hit a pothole, you should check your car once it’s safe to do so. Pull over if you can, or wait until you return home, or to your destination, if the vehicle feels like it’s operating normally.

Then, take a look over the car and inspect it for any signs of pothole wheel damage. Typically, you should be looking for damage – scuffs, bumps or more substantial signs – on the tyres and wheels. If you’re driving, be mindful of vibrations or any pulling when you operate the steering wheel; these could be indications of wheel alignment issues.

For insurance purposes, in the event that you might wish to make a claim in the future, it might be worth taking photographs of the damage and possibly also the pothole too, if you can do so safely.

If there is damage, book with Dick Lovett BMW today.

How much does a BMW Pothole check cost?

If our state-of-the-art Wheel Alignment System identifies a problem that needs correcting, we can advise you of the next steps. The BMW Pothole check is free, and if a wheel adjustment is needed, our team can carry out the work required for £149, including VAT. 

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