BMW Winter Tyres

What are BMW winter tyres?

BMW winter tyres - for icy roads

BMW winter tyres are a type of tyre that are specifically designed to provide better grip, braking and performance during cold weather conditions. During wintry weather, roads can be covered in snow or ice, which can make driving more challenging than usual. 

If you’re driving your BMW in the snow, you might find that it has to work harder to get traction on the slippery surface. For safety and performance reasons, it’s worth switching to winter tyres on your BMW during the coldest months of the year.

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How do BMW winter tyres work?

How do BMW winter tyres work?

BMW winter tyres are designed specifically for when the temperature drops below 7°C.

When that happens, the tyre can harden in the cold, which then means it might not provide the same level of grip as in warmer conditions.

Winter tyres wear more slowly than standard tyres in lower temperatures, and provide increased traction and grip. They have wider and deeper grooves than traditional or summer tyres to handle snow much better.

Those grooves also help to disperse water, too – which is really useful if standing water is present on roads, such as after heavy winter rainfall.

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How are winter and summer tyres different?

How are winter and summer tyres different?

A winter tyre has a deeper tread that digs deeper into snow and also grips onto ice much better than a summer tyre would.

The rubber compound in summer tyres isn’t designed to perform in extreme cold weather, and will lose traction in the winter. Braking times on snow and ice will be longer with summer tyres, so they’re not as safe as winter tyres in challenging conditions.

Summer tyres deliver levels of high grip on dry roads because of a special tread pattern. Hot weather can impact on road conditions too, therefore summer tyres are built to flex to the road surface and provide increased contact, superior traction and braking.

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How long do winter tyres last?

Because winter tyres might only be used for a few months of the year – in the UK, typically November to March or even shorter, if weather conditions are mild – they may last longer than some standard tyres.

Take them off out of season, and they might last three or more winters, but if you keep them on your BMW all year, they will likely wear quicker than standard tyres.

Can I store my winter tyres when not in use?

Yes, you can.

The best way to manage your tyres is to put winter tyres into storage when out of season, and change to summer tyres. Then, when winter rolls around again, you can put the winter tyres back on your BMW, and you’re all set for wintry road conditions. Please speak to a member of our Parts team at your local Dick Lovett BMW Centre to find out more about BMW tyres.

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