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What To Do If You Get A Company Car Allowance

BMW Business Car Allowance

Making a great first impression is everything in business and at Dick Lovett BMW in Bristol, Bath, Swindon and Hungerford we can help you finance a new BMW - and maybe one you didn’t think you could afford.

Helping fleet and business managers

As well as helping fleet and business managers, our dedicated team can also help anyone who receives a company car allowance. We offer some great contract hire deals and there’s no need to pay a broker, either. We can do all the hard work for you.

A broker is likely to charge you an admin fee and you could also face additional fees at the end of the deal, too. By coming directly to us, you can avoid the broker’s fees and benefit from discounts the broker can’t necessarily access.

BMW Business Help

Business Hire BMW

Deal Business Hire BMW

Dick Lovett Specialist Business Team

We have a specialist business team dedicated to finding not only the best deals on new company BMWs but also the right deals for each of our customers. We know everyone has different needs and wants different things from their company car.

Anyone who receives a company car allowance is eligible for our Personal Contract Hire deals. You make an initial payment and then rent the car from the finance company for the duration of your lease - using your company car allowance to cover the costs.

How much you pay is flexible depending on a number of factors, including how long you want to lease the vehicle for, your estimated annual mileage and the amount you paid for your initial deposit. As a rule of thumb, a longer rental period, low annual mileage and a big initial payment will all bring down the size of your monthly payment.

At Dick Lovett BMW we offer a huge range of cars through Personal Contract Hire. Why not call into one of dealerships in BristolBathSwindon or Hungerford to have a look around the cars, take a test drive and meet one of our dedicated business team experts? Let them guide you through your finance options to help you get the most from your company car allowance.

Dick Lovett Specialist Business Team - 0330 838 7435


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